Month: June 2007

On the road

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Well, not quite. We leave for Estes Park, CO tomorrow bright and early. We are taking 4 bus loads of kids and adults to youth camp for the week. Amazing! It will be very amazing if check in goes as I’ve planned and prayed it would go. I had a wonderful crew of helpers there today getting all set up. The kids are so excited. I’m probably the only one a little bummed because my hubby is staying behind. I need to just move past that, don’t I. I’ll be so thankful he stayed home when I get home in a week and see the house completely finished! I made him a To Do list last night 🙂 It’s only up to #12! We’ll see what else I can come up with.

I’m off to do laundry and pack and make more lists!

One little step

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That’s what it seems like sometimes – little step after little step, never really getting anywhere. I know that’s not true – those little steps will soon lead us to Ehiopia to bring our babies home!

We received an email today from our case manager! I was thinking we wouldn’t hear anything for a week at least so that was exciting to get that email. Our case manager welcomed us and assured us that she’s with us every step of the way. I had a few questions – mainly, do we wait until after the home study to start our other paperwork. hhmmm.

We also received word from our home study provider! Ya! I sent our information to the office here locally and should have sent it to the main office – bummer! So they will forward it on and we probably won’t hear anything for a few days.

Princess (Pat’s 16 yr old) and I leave for youth camp in Colorado on Sunday. We’re gone for a week – not sure if I can get a connection there or not – Hubby may have to do some blogging! 🙂

I have not lost my mind!

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…even though my husband thinks so! I’m going to have a garage sale. Most of you will understand that this is a good thing. We’re going to ask our friends and family to donate items and all the proceeds will go towards the adoption. My husband thinks I’m crazy cuz we’re trying to get our basement finished and also get our main level finished from a recent remodel. And then I tell him “we should have a garage sale!” Bless him, he didn’t even argue with me! Although on the inside I’m sure he’s wishing the Lord would just zap me! 🙂 It probably won’t happen until August (the garage sale, not the zapping). I have a lot of prepping to do but I’m excited to see God use this to help us raise money.

We’re also sending out a letter tomorrow to our family and friends letting them know about our journey and asking them to pray for us. We’re also asking for them to pray about financially supporting us. I’ve really struggled with this part – it’s hard to ask for help. I sincerely believe that we are doing what we can to save money and raise money and that there are probably a few friends or family that really do want to help. I just pray no one feels guilted into giving – so if you receive a letter – please don’t feel guilted into giving! Only give as the Lord leads you. I’ll post a copy of our letter tomorrow so you all can read it.

Until next time – off to sort through my “trash that’s another man’s treasure!”

We’ve got mail!

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Yahoo! We received an email today from our agency letting us know they received our contract and first payment. We received access to the online planner that gives us a step-by-step of everything we need to do (wow, there’s alot!). We’re really kind of stuck until we finish our home study though.

I called that agency today and the person that is in charge of scheduling home studies was on vacation but was supposed to be back in the office later today. So they said call back tomorrow – oh, I will! 🙂 When we originally talked to them about their agency and stuff they said it usually only takes 6-8 weeks to complete the home study so that’s good – a little quicker than some of the other agencies we talked to – still seems like a long time though!

That will give us time to finish the basement and try to save up some more money because the basement is draining our stash! It’s a catch 22 because we can’t adopt till we finish the basement yet finishing the basement requires money! We are trusting in the Lord though – we know it’s His will to adopt and trust He will provide the funds when they’re needed.