Day: September 4, 2007

One more week!

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Hubby worked hard this weekend to get the trim done on the two bedrooms and he’ll finish up the family room this week. My dad is coming tonight to get the bathroom finished and the carpet will be installed in ONE WEEK! Ya!!!

Then Princess can move into her room and get settled and then we can start decorating the nursery! We told Princess that she has to promise to come upstairs at least twice a week to say hi to us! Good thing we all eat supper together every night, otherwise we’d never see her. She’s so excited to have her own room and own bathroom, pretty much her own floor 🙂 Just what every 16-year old needs!

Speaking of bathroom, the first picture is of Princess’s new bathroom in the basement. Nice color choice, huh! I think it’ll look nice when it’s all done but it sure is bright!

No news on the adoption. Still waiting to hear from the lawyer. The birth mom is scheduled to be induced 3 weeks from today if the babies don’t come before! The second picture is of hubby with a few of our weekend purchases 🙂