Day: September 13, 2007

Day Spa for Women

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Today my mom and I traveled to Marion, SD. Not the biggest town you’ll see 🙂 but for sure some of the nicest people.

So the Day Spa is a women’s retreat my mom and I started last year. There’s worship and we talk about our really amazing God and we eat of course. And then we do “prayer stations” where the women journal and pray and one of the stations is foot washing/massage and hand massage. So it’s not really a “spa” but it kind of is – it’s a God spa.

We were invited to do a 1/2 day spa in Marion for a ladies church conference. Given all that has happened in the last few weeks I was not looking forward to going. In fact on Wednesday night I had decided I wasn’t going to go. One of my dear friends and co-workers said, “Oh you ARE going Missy! It will be good for you.” And she was so right. It was so refreshing and encouraging – I just love sharing with other women. The Lord laid it on my heart to share a little about the experience of the last few weeks.

At the end a couple ladies came up and said they wanted to pray over me. That is what is so cool. These ladies who we’d just met and they were reaching out to me and sharing the love of Christ – when we had come to minister to them. Isn’t God cool. We said that alot today and it’s so true.

I was able to stay home on Thursday and the Lord brought such great peace to my heart – just like His word says – a peace that passes all understanding. Don’t get me wrong I’m still sad about losing the twins but we are trusting in God’s plan and look forward to the next adventure.

For those in the area we’re doing a Day Spa at Linwood Wesleyn on October 13th and one at Abiding Savior on November 17th. If you’re church would like to look into hosting a Day Spa for Women let me know!