Day: September 14, 2007

How could I forget?

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After all the silly posts about our basement and the horrible pictures I can’t believe I forgot to tell you IT IS FINISHED! Completely, entirely, all together finished.

Ok, not really but kind of. ?? We have all the major stuff done and all the necessary inspections are done so we can actually move stuff down there, although we don’t really have anything to move down there yet. Now we’re just finishing little stuff like putting up blinds, getting stuff for the bathroom. We bought our furniture (It’s red! That’s my hubby, living on the wild side) and a bed for Princess but that won’t be here for a week!

I’ll post some more horrible pictures when it’s all done…really completely and entirely! And we’ll throw a little “Yay, we’ve finished the basement and managed to go into even more debt but we have really cool red furniture” party!