Day: September 15, 2007

You’re not so cutesy funny!

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Here’s a picture of our cool red furniture. If only we had it to enjoy – I know – be patient! :-). Oh ya, I forgot to tell you what a flirt my hubby is.

So we’re looking at furniture and the sales lady is very outgoing (that’s putting it nicely). Hubby has this problem of thinking he’s funny and so he keeps making these ridiculous jokes. I would love to tell you one but they are so ridiculous I can’t even remember.

So I shoe away the crazy sales lady and tell hubby he needs to stop flirting. “I’m not flirting,” he says. “I’m just trying to be funny.” Uh, well you’re not. And I go on to give him a lesson in Women 101 and explain that when he jokes around and is all cutesy like, LADIES THINK YOU’RE FLIRTING and so he better just knock it off.

Kudos to him, he did stop being all cutesy funny but unfortunately the sales lady thought she was cutesy funny too and just kept going on and on. I won’t even go there!