Life with Charlie

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This is a little late but happy birthday Charlie! Charlie is my puppy that just turned 10 on September 16th. No, I haven’t lost my mind – I know Charlie can’t read but he’s part of our family so I have to blog about him. He’s getting up there in age and it makes me sad to think we only have a few years left with him.

Charlie is so cute. Even when he’s soaking wet, he’s cute as can be. And he’s secure in his cuteness. Like today it rained. There’s Charlie sitting on the deck getting wet and wilty and stinky. But he doesn’t care. He knows we’ll let him in the house and help him dry off. And he’s got the cutest little face. He actually looks just like an Ewok, especially when he’s due for a haircut.

Right now he’s sleeping. How can dogs sleep all day and then be so tired that they have to sleep all night. It amazes me. I think I would like that life (at least for a few days). And then within a matter of seconds he’ll jump up and be ready to wrestle with our other two dogs. He is horribly abused because he’s short. Ed and Alie will tower over him and bite his ears. He gets them back by knawing on their legs 🙂

He’s also a begger (that’s what he’s doing in the picture). He’ll sit on his hind end for hours if we let him and beg away. He doesn’t beg to Hubby because he knows he’ll get scolded (poor Charlie). But he knows full well who Grama and Aunt Laurel are and will beg like crazy to them, again knowing full well that it will be worth his effort.

Oh Charlie dog, you’re such a good friend!

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