Month: October 2007

Magazines you won’t find at the grocery store

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I was browsing through the magazines the other day and this is what I found…

Cooking For 2
Country Home
All About Beer
Popular Mechanics
Bridal Guide
Bass Player
Bowhunt America
Camping Life
Shark Diver
Industrial Hygiene News
Water Garden News

However I was unable to find these magazines…

Adoption News
Angry Infertile Women
Step-Parent Etiquette
Couples Who Can’t Conceive

Oh well. Off to read my Big Game Fishing Journal!

More movie thoughts

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I’ve seen previews for the movie Golden Compass and it looked pretty good. Same company that made Lord of the Rings, must be good. Here’s some info on the movie though – check it out before taking the kiddos!

Into The Wild

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On Friday night Hubby and I went to the movie Into The Wild* with my brother and his wife. I had read a little about this story, mainly because portions of it was made in our great state of South Dakota.

It was a great movie, very well made. It’s depressing, yet hopeful. Sad yet full of joy. Very difficult to put into words how you are feeling when you leave the theatre. It definitely makes a person think about what truly brings happiness. What is it that brings the soul complete peace and satisfaction? We never really know if the main character finds this peace, a peace that I believe is only found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I also asked myself if I could do what he did. Leave everything behind – and I mean EVERYTHING and go on a journey into the unknown. Not worrying about what tomorrow will bring or what he would eat or where he would sleep… hmm that sounds familiar (Matthew 6:25). Yes, I do have perfect peace in Jesus Christ, but I also allow myself to get caught up in the things and possessions I have, even my family that I often put before my relationship with Jesus.

It definitely makes one think – and hopefully learn and grow and change to be more like Christ.

*This movie is rated R. We usually don’t go to rated R movies (not legalistic there just haven’t found many R movies that bring us closer to Christ). When my brother called and invited us we were torn what to do and we shared that with him. So we did alot of research and found out pretty much exactly what was in the movie, when, why, etc. I have to admit I did close my eyes a couple times or Hubby and I would turn and look at each other. I don’t regret that we went. I learned from this movie and it has provided many open doors for discussion. I encourage you though, to be diligent in understanding what you will see if you go to this movie, and any R rated movie for that matter. 1 Peter 2:11

It’s a boy

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The little one we’ve been praying for is a boy! The expectant mom had another ultrasound and everything looks good from what the doctor could see. She will be getting some additional test results back next week. The baby’s father also attended the doctor’s appointment and she said that he still wants to proceed with adoption.

She met with our agency last Monday and has another appointment scheduled, not sure when though. The agency got our last bit of paperwork and payment last Saturday but we still haven’t heard anything. I talked to our social worker this week and she’ll call us as soon as she gets our information from the agency headquarters so we’re trying to be patient!

The baby’s due date is January 11th. Trying not to count the days – sometimes it feels like we’re counting the minutes! In the meantime we still have a few things left to do around the house – well one major thing – the nursery’s not done yet. Whether we adopt this little one or not we’re working to get the nursery done so when the time comes we’re all set.

Plus I’m working on Princess’s scrapbook. The other night I was able to crop all of her baby pictures. We laughed so hard, she was such a goofy baby (not much has changed :-)) Then last Saturday when Hubby and I cleaned out the garage I found 3 more totes full of pictures! Aaahhh! Oh well, I’ll never have to say I’m bored!