Month: November 2007

Last meeting

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Yes, you read it right. We had our last meeting with our social worker. Yippee! (No offense Kim!)

We did find out Princess has to get fingerprinted. Our state hasn’t implemented the Adam Walsh law but by the time we get our little one it might so it’s better to be prepared.

So other than that, which we’ll get done Tuesday we’re done with our home study and now just wait for our social worker to get everything written up. But she told us that our agency’s social workers can still show our profile to expectant moms, even though our home study isn’t done done. We don’t have any new news about the mom that’s due in January. Our social worker was going to check and let us know if she is still working with our agency.

Ok, I guess I lied-we’re not completely done. We still have to raise the rest of our funds for the adoption. Once our home study is finalized then we can apply for grants. I’ve been thinking about and praying about different fundraisers we could do too.

We ask that you join us in praying that God would provide the funds needed.


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Although I don’t have the Jeep Grand Cherokee I would really like, I do have a reliable Chevy Malibu to get me where I’m going.

Although I haven’t been have to conceive a child, I do have two wonderful step-children.

Although I don’t have the most stylish clothes in town, I do have a warm coat and shoes to wear when it’s cold.

Although I haven’t climbed Mt Everest, I have climbed the trails of the Rocky Mountains.

Although I can’t take any vacation I’d like to, I can spend every night with my husband.

Although I can’t afford laser surgery to fix my eyes, I can afford glasses so that I can see.

Although I’m not a size 2, I can see myself through God’s eyes, as a child of the King no matter my size.

Although I don’t know what tomorrow holds, I know Who holds tomorrow.

Now that’s strange

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We had our last meeting with our social worker tonight for our home study. This one was at our home and she also wanted to meet with Princess.

Me: Kim will want to meet with you by yourself tonight.

Princess: Ok

Me: Are you nervous?

Princess: No

Me: You don’t get nervous meeting with strange people?

Princess: Well, I get to meet with you every day.

Ha ha. I meant “stranger”. Princess is cool as a cucumber, at least that’s what she tells me and Hubby. Hopefully she’s like that inside her heart too.

Our meeting went well – as far as we know. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks when we get the home study report back. I didn’t even go crazy cleaning. I was so proud of myself. I did the basics and put as much clutter away as I could but not too much wacko cleaning. It’s a good thing to – we did a quick tour that took about 2 minutes and that was it.

Speaking of strange – it’s a strange feeling to be close to having this done. I really haven’t allowed myself to get too excited and neither has hubby. I suppose that’s natural and probably good for us to guard our hearts. I shouldn’t really say that we’re close to having it done – our wait could be a year. Lord willing, it won’t be but only He knows and we’re trusting in His timing.

Another strange thing happened today. I had the ultrasound and other test that I can’t remember the name of and if I wasn’t so lazy I’d look it up but I am lazy so too bad! Anyway, during the ultrasound the technician says, “do you still have your ovaries?” (yes) and then a little while later she said, “do you still have your appendix?” (yes). I politely said yes each time but on the inside I was saying “HELLO! You are the one looking at my insides – you tell me!!” So that made me wonder what she was seeing and unfortunately I’m not privy to that information until the doctor calls. For the other test we got some more, I guess you can call it strange, information. The doctor said my fallopian tubes are open so that’s great. But then he said there’s a mass in my uterus. “It could be an air bubble but you should probably have it checked out.”

Now that’s strange. Kind of in the make you want to puke, worry like crazy, what in the world is in my uterus, kind of strange.

What blog?

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Jeez louise, you’d think my brain exploded. These last few weeks it’s like I’ve completely forgotten I had a blog. That’s weird! It’s probably cuz we have alot of stuff going on and I’m just plain tired. So here’s an update…

We had two amazing Thanksgiving meals. Hubby and I prepared one here at our house for his family. That was at noon. Then we packed up the car and drove two hours and had another amazing meal with my family and stayed there for a day. Then we came home and worked like crazy on our house, finishing up little things like trim, outlet covers, etc.

Icky icky. I haven’t been feeling well. Remember my wacked out, psychotic, hormonal, pain inducing reproductive system? Well each month it’s gotten worse. I’ve been seeing a gazillion doctors and such and until we get something figured out I’ve just felt icky and some days it’s real hard to get out of bed.

Adoption. So close. THIS WEEK we have our last meeting with our social worker and then our home study is final (I know, it’s about time!). Then we wait but it’s a better wait because we’ve done everything we have to do, other than wait. Actually I’m also working on our background check information. For those of you who have never done this you have to write down EVERY address you’ve every lived at. EVERY ONE. Yes, the farm that we lived on for 6 months. Yes, that apartment in Colorado we lived in for 9 months. These people are crazy, that’s all I have to say. But thanks to Google Earth we’ve found our past addresses and I just have to get that typed up.

Icky icky. A little bit more about this. I went to a specialist today to see what our options are. Option #1 have a hysterectomy (this from a doctor who does very few of these). Option #2 take narcotics to relieve the pain I’m experiencing (99% sure from endometriosis and poly cystic ovary disease). Option #3 take Lupron which will put me into menopause. Will relieve the pain but give me all the menopause symptoms and of course no pregnancy. If we still want to pursue fertility options then there’s option #4, continue charting with the Creighton Model for 2 months and then go back and decide if we should have surgery (would be my 5th).

So in order to help us with our decision tomorrow I’m having an ultrasound (both regular and pelvic) and another test (can’t remember the name) to see the extent of the endometriosis and other things that might be in there. I gave about 2 gallons of blood today and those results will be back in a week. They put both me and Pat on two kinds of antibiotics to get rid of any bacteria that may be messing things up. And if I don’t want to take the narcotics she gave me some other options, like how much Motrin I can really take without overdosing. We really like this doctor. She has a strong faith, is easy to talk to, took as much time as we needed and is honest about our options. She’s worked and trained with the doctor that created the Creighton Model so that’s encouraging. She asked us if we’ve considered adoption. Uh, ya 🙂 She encouraged us to continue with the adoption, even while looking at fertility options.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Why I’ve been absent from the blogging world. I’ve sure missed you all and hopefully life will eventually get back to some sense of normal – whatever that is, I’m not sure.