Day: November 2, 2007

Bird on a wire

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So I’m on my way to work this morning enjoying the beautiful day the Lord had given me. I’m sitting at a stoplight looking around at God’s marvelous creation. My eye catches some birds sitting on the telephone wires at the intersection. Then I see this one little bird farther down on the wire sitting all by himself. As I watch him I realize he keeps scooting closer to the other birds sitting together farther down the wire.

What in the world!? Seriously, he scoots, looks around, scoots again. I even say to him “What are you doing little birdy?” Unfortunately he doesn’t tell me or if he did I couldn’t hear him. He keeps scooting, looking at his birdy buddy wannabes farther down the wire.

I say to Mr Bird “Uh, you can fly over there ya know!”

Then it hit me. Not only am I an idiot for talking to this bird but I realize that we do exactly what Mr Bird was doing. We sit on our little wire and we have this goal in mind or some place we think God may have called us to. But instead of using the gifts God has given us and flying right on over we take little baby steps, fearful of what will happen.

I wonder if God’s looking at us saying “Uh, you can fly over there ya know!” Nope, we have to scoot scoot scoot and miss out on the many blessings that spreading our wings and leaping off that wire will bring.

Ok, this whole birdy talk is getting creepy. Morale of the story: don’t be such a chicken! 🙂