Day: November 15, 2007

Wow, that’s interesting!

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You should have heard what we heard! We heard alot of good stuff. It was amazing!

We went to the Weekend to Remember marriage conference last weekend and we learned so much. We heard some things we didn’t expect to hear (lots of sex talk) and some things we were hoping to hear (Committed to Christ=strong marriage).

We knew we’d probably hear some things about sex. But we had no idea it would be to the extend that we did. But it was good sex talk – for both the guys and ladies. Anyway, does this make you uncomfortable, me talking about this?

Well too bad! If you’re married you should be talking about it too so we thought we’d share with you the books we purchased. We highly recommend you attending a Weekend to Remember conference (if you are married) but until then these books would be good purchases for ya!


Simply Romantic Nights (not really a book but good too)
Intended for Pleasure
Coffee Dates for Couples
Intimate Issues
Rocking the Roles