The Sign

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Yesterday was the first day I’ve ventured out of the house in 6 days. I felt like an alien in a strange land…probably looked like one too given I’ve decided there’s no reason I need to waste water and shower every single day. I’m sure Hubby’s real pleased about that.

Anyway, I had no reason to go out, just going stir crazy. So I bundled up Angel and headed to Wally World. We drove around in the parking lot for probably 10 minutes. Now that I’ve become a mother I’m pretty lazy, I need to be in the front of the parking lot otherwise we’ll just cruise the lot jammin out to Chris Tomlin. Then it hit me…the sign.

For the longest time, probably FOREVER I’ve been wanting to park in this certain spot at HyVee. It’s a reserved spot for NEW AND EXPECTING MOTHERS. This sign has taunted me for years… ha ha ha you can’t park here! And I was ready to rumble with the sign and take my turn at the front spot. So long Wally World… good thing I didn’t get a spot! We head to HyVee, not too far away and I’m can feel my heart racing. I’m SO excited.

As I pull into the parking lot I can see the sign…almost there. But then…time stops and my heart drops. Someone had the nerve to park in my spot. All this time, all the longing and waiting and hoping and praying, so that one day I could be a “NEW AND EXPECTING MOTHER” and it comes to this. I decide to do a couple loops around the lot, maybe this “so called” mother will come out soon.

Unfortunately the mom didn’t come out and I got tired of driving around a parking lot securing my place in the idiot hall of fame. God was looking down on me though, I did get a front spot. And although there wasn’t a sign that said “NEW AND EXPECTING MOTHERS” as I lugged Angel’s carrier out of the car and looked at her beautiful smiling face my heart swelled with love and I knew I needed no sign to remind me that I’m a mom.


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