Back from the tundra

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Oh it’s good to be home. No matter where you go or how amazing a trip you have or how wonderful the accommodations are, isn’t it always so good to be home?

This week Hubby and Angel and I drove to WI where I was speaking at a Pastor’s conference. Hubby had to work on Tuesday so we didn’t get out of town until about 6:30 pm. We had 5 hours to go plus where we were going neither of us had been there so we knew we were up for an interesting ride. Now mind you a few months ago Hubby kindly told me that I’m not a good navigator. WHAT! I have not forgotten that comment and anytime he asks for help with directions I remind him of that nice little conversation we had and then he has to grovel and apologize. I suppose I should just get over it.

Anyway the directions off Mapquest were pretty good and we finally made our way to our destination about 11:30 pm on Tuesday night. I knew where we were staying was a retreat center, camp facilities. However we were told our room was in the “hotel like” building. We discovered that “hotel like” means it had a door and an attached bathroom. “Hotel like” does not mean there will be sheets, blankets or heat. Does anyone want to guess what the temperature was in our room at 11:30 pm on Tuesday night in northern WI? COLD, very very cold. Not to mention the room had 3 sets of bunk-beds. No cuddling for me and Hubby!

We make it through a night of restless shivering sleep. We didn’t even put our pjs on, wore the clothes we had on plus our coats and hats. Thankfully Angel had plenty of blankets but it was still pretty chilly for her because she always kicks her blankets off.

Yes, the big babies (and Angel) made it through the night! We had brought the laptop and so the next morning Hubby decides to try the Internet and of course there’s wireless. We do not have sheets, blankets or heat but we have the Internet! I’m glad they have their priorities in check.

Later that day I get back from my last workshop and mention to Hubby that there’s a town 30 miles away and I bet anything there’s a hotel. And I’m so thankful to say that he’s my hero. We pack up what we need and for the sake of Angel’s wimpy parents Angel baby we stay at a hotel that night. We get back to camp about 30 minutes before my next workshop the next day and no one even missed us!

I’m sorry to say I forgot to take a picture of our bunk beds without sheets or blankets or the tractor crossing signs we saw all over the place or Angel’s bottles that we kept chilled on the floor by the door of our room (seriously)! Hopefully you can imagine our great adventure and unfortunately our poor Angel baby will be traumatized by it for many years to come.

On the positive side because of our road trip she’s already been to 5 states in her short life and she was able to experience the 70’s motif of a very scary Days Inn. Did I say she’ll be traumatized? That’s a whole nother blog post folks!

Oh, it’s good to be home!


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