Day: May 1, 2008

Let’s have us a little prayer party!

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I should have posted this earlier…the time has just gotten away from me. Anyway, I’d thought I’d share a few prayer concerns with you today since it is the National Day of Prayer. Are you a prayer? Then I’d love it if you could prayer for these concerns:

Our niece. She is about 28 weeks pregnant and was just admitted to the hospital today (for the 2nd time) due to pre-term labor. Please please pray that the baby would stay right where she’s at for alot longer!

For me and little Pip. That he would grow big and healthy and that I would go full-term and that everything would be ok.

For our other kiddos. Princess, Prince and Angel.

And for my wonderful Hubby. He’s taken on so much with me turning into a big baby and he hasn’t complained a bit.

Ok, now it’s your turn! What prayer concerns do you have? Leave a comment with one or as many prayer concerns as you have and you can be sure I’ll pray for them. And hopefully anyone else reading will pray too!