Day: May 2, 2008

8 weeks

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I have to apologize to all those women who have been pregnant before and complained about not feeling well. When I’d hear you complain I’d think to myself, “If I ever get pregnant I will never complain. I would LOVE to have morning sickness.” Well, I was obviously delusional because let me tell ya, I am not loving the morning sickness. (And WHY is it called morning sickness. Why doesn’t someone just start a revolution and actually call it what it is, like pregnancy sickness or the no-good, horrible sickness that lasts all day?) I’m trying my best to be positive and happy happy but I’m a wimp and I hate feeling icky.

I haven’t actually thrown up yet. Although just typing that makes me feel like throwing up. Ick. Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m REALLY nauseous or not, because like I said I’m a wimp. So I might just be a little nauseous and it feels like alot to me. I try to snack throughout the day because that seems to help a little. And I’m rather impressed with myself because I’m eating quite healthy, which is a big change. I’ve never been a coffee drinker so that hasn’t been an issue for me. I’m more of a soda addict but I’m limiting myself to one soda a day. And oh, how I cherish my soda every night.

I am officially tired. Before Tuesday of this week I hadn’t really felt more tired than normal. Wowzers! On Tuesday I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. And it’s been like that every day since and I know, I know I’m going to be extra tired for the rest of my life awhile longer still. Not helping with the whole tired thing is that I have to go to the bathroom all the time! 2-3 times during the night. I’ve never in my whole entire life had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. So between Angel waking up a couple times during the night and my need to pee there hasn’t been a good night’s sleep in a long time.

I’m so thankful for Hubby. He’s been just amazing. I always freak out and think that he thinks that I’m being a wimp and making up the morning sickness. Ya, I know I’m crazy. He’s so patient and doesn’t seem to mind taking care of a few extra things around the house. And Princess is amazing too, being so helpful. Last Saturday she actually felt like cleaning and practically cleaned the entire house for me. Them’s good people that family of mine!

So now a little bit about Pip. In case you didn’t read here, that’s the name we are calling the little guy (according to Hubby it’s a boy). I haven’t actually started calling him Pip yet though because my mind has yet to grasp the fact that there is a real live human being growing inside of me. Anyway, here’s what Pip is doing this week:

  • Cartilage and bones begin to form – At the end of this week your baby will have already completed 1/5th of the journey ’til his birthday!
  • The basic structure of the eye is well underway – The position is more “newborn” like already!
  • The tongue begins to develop.
  • Intestines move out of the umbilical cord into the abdomen.
  • Body grows and makes room – Two months along and this little one is growing inside and out by leaps and bounds!
  • The fingers and toes have appeared but are webbed and short
  • Baby’s length (crown to rump) is 0.61 inch (1.6cm) and weight is 0.04 ounce (1gm)

I have my first OB appointment on Monday. I’m excited and anxious. Not sure why I’m anxious. Probably because the doc is going to look at me and tell me I’ve gained enough weight for three babies. Speaking of three babies, Hubby seems to be convinced that I’m having triplets. He thinks it’s funny to tease me about it. Hello Hubby! You’re wife is pregnant and very abnormal at the moment. It is not a good thing to tease about triplets!

Please, please, please Lord, let it be just one!


Let’s pray some more!

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I know ya’all are out there. I can see you!  So if you wouldn’t mind I’d appreciate it if you’d pray for my friend Teri today. She and her hubby have been on an infertility journey for almost 3 years now and she is having IVF TODAY!

You can read about her story here. Thanks for praying!

And you can continue to leave prayer concerns too.