Day: May 5, 2008

Oh, Jimmy I’ve missed you

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I’m still coming down off a sub coma so I apologize for the randomness of this post.

I had my first OB appointment today. I was a little anxious as I already shared but things went well. About two hours before my appointment the nurse called and asked if I could come 30 minutes early because they had changed over to a computer system and needed some extra time to input all my information. So we got there at 12:30 and got right in.

It was kinda funny because yesterday Hubby wrenched his back. Ok, I guess I shouldn’t say that’s funny. But Hubby can hardly walk. He’s in ALOT of pain. And so here we come walking into the clinic, him leaning on me, limping like he’s going to pass out any minute. And those silly nurses never even said a thing to him. I felt kinda bad because he had to sit in the little exam room in the little chair for two hours (yes two hours!).

Anyway, so they get all my information entered and such. We heard lots and lots of “congratulations” from all the nurses and even Mr Doctor in the hallway. Wow, he actually knows who I am. I suppose because I’m accident prone a hypochondriac in the office all the time with something or other and he was probably thinking right along with us, “how did this happen!”.

And then the dreaded weight taking. As I’ve mentioned before I was not looking forward to this. But it didn’t go so bad. I don’t really care if you know how much I weigh but it doesn’t seem right to share it here. So I won’t. But I will say I haven’t gained any weight in the last few months and that is another miracle. Now I’m determined to actually do a little exercise. We’ll see how that goes.

So finally they get all my information, blood pressure, weight, I pee in the cup, etc, etc, and it’s time for Mr Doctor to join us. I strip down as instructed. (ok, how weird is it that we’re like robots at the doctor’s office? “get completely naked”…. “ok”.) Anyway, as I’m sitting there on the little table in that little robe covered with the piece of paper towel I see over in the corner my bra is on top of my shirt for the whole world to see. I say to Hubby, “Honey, hurry, cover up my bra!”. And he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind because he can’t even move, let alone bend down to the floor to move my bra. And then I realize what I said and I burst out laughing. Then Hubby really looks at me like I’ve really lost my mind but he finally gets why it’s so funny. I’m sitting there waiting for the exam and I’m worried about my bra being seen. I have no problem showing off all of God’s creation but my bra, no way, that’s private.

Ok, I guess you had to be there.

Mr Doctor does his thing and says everything looks good. He gives me a due date of December 14th. So now I have three due dates… Dec 12th, 13th and 14th. Like it really matters, right. I’m sure little Pip will stay all warm and snug until at least Christmas.

I had brought a list of questions for Mr Doctor. You would think my top concerns would be… my progesterone levels…my history of infertility and how that will effect this pregnancy….some of the pain I’ve been having. Um, no, I do have my priorities in order. My very top, most important question that I had to ask Mr Doctor was if I could eat deli meat.

Because you see I had read on the source of lies and useless information world wide web that a pregnant woman shouldn’t eat deli meat because of some type of bacteria. And there was a bunch of other stuff I shouldn’t have either. But my biggest concern was the deli meat because I love sandwiches. I eat sandwiches at least 1/2 dozen times a week. In particular Jimmy John’s sandwiches. And to be told that I couldn’t have one for 10 months…oh my goodness I wasn’t sure how I would make it. In fact that’s probably why I was wasting away to nothingness because if I can’t have Jimmy John’s well what’s the reason for living? Well, I suppose I could think of a few other reasons if I thought for like 2 seconds.

So anyway, my first question to Mr Doctor was “can I eat deli meat.” And do y’all know what he said? He said YES! In fact he said the only thing I shouldn’t eat alot of is canned tuna and salmon. Well, maybe my doctor’s a fruitcake and I just pray that I don’t get any bacteria but I’m liking that set of food restrictions very much. It won’t be easy but I do believe I can make it without my canned tuna and salmon for 10 months.

As much as I wanted to do a little dance there in that exam room in my birthday suit, I controlled myself. But as soon as Mr Doctor left I shouted out to the Lord and included a, “We’re going to Jimmy John’s for lunch!”. And yes I did eat a full Jimmy John’s roast beef sub (#2 with provolone). And I did have a yummy bag of jalapeno chips with it.

And I do believe that I’d sit in an exam room with nothing on for two hours and be billed an enormous amount of money anytime to hear those sweet words. “Yes, you can eat Jimmy Johns.”

It’s good to be back Jimmy.