Day: May 6, 2008

The one with the back wrenching

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Do y’all watch Friends re-runs? Or did you used to watch Friends? Well, I’d have to admit that I did and I just love how they title the episodes… “The one…”. I think that’s clever. So that’s me up there, trying to be clever.

I think the “baby brain” has kicked in.

Anyway, I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Hubby wrenched his back. It happened on Sunday. He was out working in the yard or pretending to do something so he wouldn’t have to help me clean the house. We have these two idiotic things called dogs and they’ve dug all types of wonderful holes in our backyard. So Hubby stepped in one and really messed up his back.

He has always had a bad back. He had back surgery, I don’t know, probably 8 years ago or so. And at least a couple times a year this happens, when he puts it out so bad that he can’t move. But I haven’t seen him do it this bad in a long time. The pain is in his lower back and then goes down his one leg and around his stomach and groin or something like that. That just sounds weird. Anyway, he can’t walk, he can’t sit, he’s suppose to lie down but even that is painful.

And it’s times like these that the overwhelmtion (yes, that’s my made up word) of caring for two babies is greater than my appreciation for my hubby when he’s able to help around the house. Ouch, harsh. Well, just being truthful with ya.

So Sunday night was our year-end Life Group party. Life Groups are the youth group small groups and I’m one of the adult leaders. I probably won’t be in a Life Group when they start again in the Fall because of the baby coming and so I was so looking forward to this last party with them. I love these kids. They are like my own kids and every Sunday night is such a blast. So I tell Hubby it’s time to go and he moans and groans all the way to the van, limping and dragging one leg. But he doesn’t say, “honey, I don’t think I can go.”. No, he’s a man and he’s stubborn and very annoying.

We get to the house where the party is and FINALLY he says, “This is going to be embarrassing.” which means “I don’t think I can go.” Yes, I know a nice wife would have just told him to stay home in the first place but I’m just not nice. Although after he finally admits his need to be home in bed I try to be as nice as I can and hide my disappointment. So we drop off our food and head back home. I was so sad. I actually had tears in my eyes thinking about my kids and that I’d miss this last get-together. So I decided I’d drop Hubby at home and then Belle and I would go back.

We drop Hubby off and I’m pulling out of the garage and I watch Hubby try to get into the house. He can’t even lift his left up to go up the steps. I realize I’m an evil evil wife and that I need to stay home and take care of Hubby.

So do you understand the pain this man is in? It’s getting worse as the night goes on but he refuses to call a doctor or anything. He finally does agree to stay home from work the next day and call a doctor right away in the morning.

My favorite time of day has finally come…bedtime. Belle is sound asleep and I’m exhausted. And then I hear these words come out of Hubby, “So do you want to fool around?”.


In fact, I’m still in shock that he was actually serious and now I’m a little in shock that I actually shared that with the whole world. And I don’t really know how to wrap this up nicely. So I’ll just say that my title should have been, “The one with no fooling around.”!