Day: May 16, 2008


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I just got a text from Princess. It said, “I’m a senior =/ scary scary!

It’s true. Our baby is a Senior. In high school people! How is it possible? It’s not really official yet until school starts again in the Fall but you know how those Juniors are. The minute the last day of school is over they announce they are Seniors. What are they thinking? Don’t they know the unnecessary agony they put their parents through for three months?

I’ve had the pleasure of being Princess’s step-mom for 5 1/2 years. We’ve had good times. We’ve had bad times. We’ve had snort water out of your nose fun times. We’ve had hiccup inducing cry sessions. But all the times, every single minute, has been such a blessing.

This girl, this 17 year old acts like a very mature adult most of the time (as you can see by the picture). I don’t want to put her up on a pedestal because by no means is she perfect. But goodness, some days I wonder. She’s loving and caring and unselfish. She’s a gifted artist, writer and photographer. And her faith, her love of Jesus blows me away sometimes. It causes me to fall to my knees and praise the Lord for His great working in her life. And causes me to beg Him to continue to make himself known to her because I know life will only get harder.

She’s definitely not had an “easy” life. Her parents divorced when she was four and since then she’s spent one week at her mom’s and one week at her dad’s. Ick. But this girl. She doesn’t complain. She doesn’t mope around about having to pack a suitcase EVERY SINGLE WEEK. No, she’s thankful. She’s thankful that God has given her four parents.

As much as her life hasn’t been “easy” there haven’t been a lot of struggles either, if you understand what I’m saying. She’s been richly blessed and she recognizes that.

She came to know Jesus first as a 7th grader. I had just recommitted my life to Christ and we started attending a new church. It was through the church drama club that she understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus. But her 8th grade year was hard. Jeez, has anyone in the history of the world had a good 8th grade year? Anyway, it really tested her faith and her heart grew hard and cold towards God.

It was awful. Hubby was torn because that year Princess and I fought all the time! I was pretty stupid and didn’t keep my mouth shut. I just so longed for her to understand that Jesus loved her so much and that He wanted to give her real freedom, not the kind she was trying to find through friends and clothes and stuff. But we all have to go through that struggle don’t we. And through it both of us learned alot!

It was the next summer at our church’s youth camp that Princess, through the counseling of friends understood her sin and recommitted her life to Christ. I remember that night like it was yesterday. It was the night the youth groups gather together by themselves to share about the week. I couldn’t find Princess anywhere and my heart knew. I knew she had went forward. And by the time she found me I was already crying. She practically jumped on top of me, crying herself, she was so excited.

Since then she has allowed Jesus, her First Love, to grow her and mold her and penetrate her heart and life. And His love overflows in her life.

365 days from today Princess will experience her last day of high school. 365 days to cherish and love and encourage and challenge her. 365 days to hug and kiss her until she goes running screaming from the house (not really, she actually loves to give hugs and kisses).

365 to come to terms with the fact that our little girl is ready to fly.

Real long blog break, huh

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Four days. Can anyone say LOSER? Or BLOG ADDICT?

You really don’t have to say it. I’m not really a blog addict. Really, I’m not. No really.

It has been nice to be away a few days. I know that I write for Jesus and no one else but sometimes the pressure to write something is overwhelming. And so I had to give myself a little blog check. And it was good.

And I don’t really know that I’m back back. I just had something to share with you today and it had to be shared today… well, you’ll see why when I post it. If I waited until after my blog break it just wouldn’t make sense and heaven forbid if we need anything around here we need a little sense, don’t ya think.

So after taking a blog break of a whopping four days I am now going to post three times in one day. I do believe the only thing the blog break did was confirm the fact that I’m a blog addict! No really, I’m not.

I’ll be back soon with post #3 and I promise that’s it for awhile! Really!

Hello? Anyone there?

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It’s just me. Wondering how y’all are doing. We’ve been having a great time here. But I’ve missed you. Be back soon!