Day: May 19, 2008

The Warrior and the Chicken

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That’s what we should have named our dogs. It describes them much better than Allie and Ed. But, you may ask, who is the Warrior and who is the Chicken. How ’bout I show you.

Sunday was a beautiful day in our parts. Finally the wind calmed down to only 40 miles an hour and we were able to be outside without losing our breath. Hubby decided to change the oil on his Jeep and then wash it up a bit. Sounded fun to me and Angel! We decided we’d watch!

Here’s Hubby washing his Jeep. That black thing is Allie dog, aka the Warrior. Watching and waiting. Preparing for the right moment.

The right moment for what? Well, to attack of course. Attack the mean ol’ nasty water that’s obviously hurting her daddy’s Jeep.

And where would Ed be at this time? Doesn’t he want to protect his daddy too? Well no, silly. His name is Chicken. And he’s hiding behind the girls.

His mama obviously didn’t tell him when he was born that labs are supposed to like water. I suppose that’s ok. Every family needs a chicken!