Day: May 22, 2008

Mourning with the Chapmans today

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the loss of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman’s little girl Maria.

His was the first cd I bought after I became a Christian. His was the first concert I went to where there was worship and praise. His work with orphans around the world was what first prompted Hubby and I to look at international adoption.

How you can feel so close to someone you don’t even know is hard to explain but today my heart just breaks for the Chapman family. You can read about their tragedy here. And share encouragement with them and meet precious Maria here.

Random thoughts that I’m sure will make you glad you got up today

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The other night I had a dream that my friends Jen and Jenny came over for a play date. That’s really cool because they live like hundreds of miles from me and I thought it was swell they would come so far.

So we’re in the backyard playing with the kids and then some other people drop off their kids although I’m not really sure who those people were.

And then Jen and Jenny and their kids had to leave and I was sad.

The end.


Hubby and I were sitting in Belle’s room the other night as Belle laid on the floor having some “naked time”.

Princess walks in the room and asks if she can go hang out with some friends. She then makes a comment to Belle about being naked.

Hubby says, “Baby naked…good. Princess naked…bad.”

Then I say, “Until you’re married. Then you can be naked all you want!”

Princess leaves the room mumbling something under her breath… probably that she’s so thankful we’re her parents.