Day: May 26, 2008

Do I dare?

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I’ve wondered if I should post pictures of myself as I grow over the next seven months or so. I decided that I’ve already inflicted you with lots of pain on this blog so why not some more!

Now before you go screaming and running from the room let me assure you that I will only post pictures once a month or so at the most so there won’t be too many “shock and awe” moments.

Before I show you my 10 week photo, which is basically the same as my “before pregnancy” photo I’ll show you how loving and supportive my husband is.

Here Hubby is at 10 weeks pregnant.

And here’s what Hubby will look like when he’s 9 months pregnant.

Oh the love, it flows around here like molasses.

Ok, on to the good stuff. Here I am at 10 weeks or before little Pip starts to show.

Let me tell ya, I love myself and all but it’s the most ickiest thing to look at a profile of yourself. Thank goodness I have no problem blaming everything (my cravings, my lack of figure, etc, etc) on this pregnancy!

I tried to get a picture of me laying down so you can really see that there’s no baby bump, just food bump. But this is all I could get:

LOL! That picture makes me laugh. We’ll try to do better next time.

As of today I am 11 weeks 4 days along. Some books I’ve read say I’m already in my 2nd trimester but I thought it was 12 weeks? Any experts out there? I have my next doctor appointment next Wednesday and at that time I’ll be 12 week 6 days so I’m hoping I’ll be able to hear the heartbeat. Maybe it’ll still be too early?

Every day continues to be different in how I feel. Like today, I want to die. Lately there have been more “die” days than anything. So much for feeling better. I haven’t had much of an appetite either which is probably why I still haven’t gained a pound. I suppose it makes sense though. Before little Pip I could eat with the big boys.. and I did! But now I’m not eating as much and when I do I eat smaller, healthier meals. Although Hubby teases me that I eat all the time. I guess I do eat alot of snacks, probably every 2-3 hours I’m eating something but it’s either that or be sick in bed.

I’m still struggling in the clothes department because my regular size clothes are all a little too snug. I bought a few pants one size up but they are too big. I guess it’s better to have them be too loose than too tight but I certainly don’t feel very fashionable. I can’t wait til I can buy some maternity clothes that actually fit good.

Although I don’t feel extremely tired during the day by 9:00 pm I’m ready to die. I hit the bed as soon as Angel goes to sleep, about 9:30 and I’m out. Until she wakes up or I have to pee that is. Most days I’ve been sneaking in a nap too so I think that really helps.

Oh oh oh. I forgot to tell you. I threw up! My first pregnancy throw up! Hee hee. I won’t go into details. I’m glad I got to experience it but hopefully it’s my last! 🙂