Will you pray for me?

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I tried to think of a cutesy title but let me tell ya, it’s just not happening.

After work on Tuesday I started to get real dizzy and lightheaded anytime I would walk or move or do anything. Wednesday morning it was no better so I figured I should call the doctor even though I knew what it was (inner ear imbalance something or other). They had me come in right away and sure enough it wasn’t anything with the baby (thank you God!) but my inner ear.

This happened a few years ago and I was so dizzy I couldn’t walk. I thought for sure I had a brain tumor and I was dying. Nope. It was my stinky little inner ear.

Unfortunately I can’t take the medicine to make all the dizzy go away. Dr said if it gets worse or I get a fever or get sick and risk dehydration then it would be better to take the medicine as opposed to getting dehydrated.

Now this morning I woke up and I can barely walk. If I move very very very very slow I’m ok…most of the time. Ug. It’s an icky feeling. So I’m tempted to take the medicine but I think I’ll wait it out another day and hopefully it’ll get better.

I so appreciate your prayers. I have so much going on this week and weekend, it’s just really bad timing. I’m scared to even hold Angel so Hubby’s doing it all and for those of you that have husbands, well you know. The hardest part is not being able to hold or take care of Angel and so this morning I had myself a good pity party cry.

Well, thanks much. I’ll keep you posted on the state of the dizzy! Blessings.

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