Month: July 2008

Bradley Class #1

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As I talked about here we were having a hard time deciding if we should use the Bradley Method or Lamaze for the birth of Little Pip. I have a friend who recommended Bradley, did some reading on it but was still a little chicken. But after all your encouragement we decided to go ahead.

And I’m so glad we made that decision! We had our first class on Tuesday this week and not only was it fun but it wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be.

This first class we basically did an overview of Bradley and then talked about exercises we need to be doing to strengthen our back and leg muscles. Ouch! I am so out of shape! But I’m real excited because one exercise in particular is especially designed to strengthen the back and I have such a bad back. I’m going to ask her next week if there’s anything else I can do to make it stronger because I’m getting to the point that I need to take Tylenol every single night and I really don’t want to have to do that.

We also played a fun game to get to know the rest of the couples in the group. There are 7 of us and it was good to get to know some other couples. One couple in particular goes to our church and although we’ve said hi and such never really had a chance to get to know them. I was excited to visit with them more.

I have to keep track of everything I eat each week. They really emphasize protein – 80-100 grams a day. And then there’s a prize each week for everyone that turns in their sheet. It’s also very helpful in holding me accountable to not eat Pizza Rolls and ice cream for supper – at least not every night. 🙂

One of the main components of the Bradley Method is to empower the husband to coach and encourage his wife through the labor – basically to become a doula. Hubby did a great job at class but now this week he hasn’t been very good so far about reminding me to do my exercises so hopefully that improves. I need all the encouragement I can get!

I’ve already have a few people question my sanity about using Bradley and hoping to not have any drugs during labor. It feels sometimes like the whole world is against you so it was so helpful to have so many encourage us to try Bradley. I don’t know what our labor will bring but we want to do what we can to try to not use drugs during the birth. But I also know I’m not super-human and so I’m just going to pray pray pray for wisdom and strength to know what to do when we get there. I think it’s always a good thing though to take control of the decisions that are being made to your body and your baby and so I’m thankful that Bradley will help us do that. But we also love and trust our doctor, who is a follower of Jesus just like us, so that does make a huge difference to us.

Well that’s enough about our first class. It’s getting late and I still need to do my exercises! Ug, it’s going to be a long 20 weeks til Little Pip comes!

9 months old

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Belle was 9 months old on July 24th. Sniff, sniff. She’s growing up so fast.

We’re still waiting to complete her adoption finalization. Our lawyer called yesterday and they are ready for us to sign papers so we’ll go in tomorrow to do that and then I’m not sure how long after that our court hearing is. We can’t wait!

Here are a few things we’ve been experiencing with Belle lately.

– She got her first two teeth. She wasn’t even that crabby really so we’re thankful for that!

– As you already know she started crawling. She’s getting really good now but still doing a three-legged thing. But she’s getting into everything and anything – it’s so fun. Ya, I know that fun will last about another 3 minutes.

– She’s saying “da da” and knowing that’s daddy. When I say to her “Where’s Daddy?” she’ll look around and around til she finds him and then gives him this big smile. It’s so precious! She also saying other gibberish words but nothing that really means anything. She’ll say “ma ma” but doesn’t know it’s me yet. 😦

– Food is her best friend. Enough said.

– She’s the goofiest, silliest, funniest, most beautiful, most precious little girl ever. Really, EVER. Here, have yourself a look. Word of warning, this video is really long. Get yourself a soda, a snack and get comfortable. I could watch her all day so it wasn’t too long for me but she wasn’t being as silly as she usually is. Hopefully next time I can catch her in the act!

In celebration…

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Hubby decided that since there’s soon to be a new “wii wii” in the house he should purchase a Wii.

Oh come on, that was funny! 🙂


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Little BOY Pip!

Yes we’re having a boy! And no there won’t be a guessing contest like I originally said. I just couldn’t wait to tell you all our news! Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?

The ultrasound went great. The technician said everything looks good from her eyes but a specialist will read it of course and then my next OB appointment is next week.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was to see him on that screen. This pregnancy hasn’t really seemed real to me and almost everyday I ask God, “why”. Not “why” because I don’t want this pregnancy but “why” because I feel so unworthy. He has blessed us so much. Healed our marriage, brought Princess and Hubby to Himself, blessed us with Belle, and now this. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with the feelings of both unworthiness and gratefulness. It’s hard to explain.

Ok, I’m already too emotional so enough of that. Now the hard part begins in trying to find a name. We’ll probably go with a biblical name but that’s not set in stone. The one thing we do know is his middle name will be Richard, after Hubby’s dad who died when Hubby was little. So help us out here. What are some of your favorite boy names?

Here are a few more pictures.

This one he has his hand on his head. He appears to be saying, “oh brother my parents are weird!” or something like that.

His foot and hand. Very nice.

And again his hands. The first one they are up by his face, he appears to be praying. Probably praying that mommy would eat something other than Pizza Rolls and ice cream for supper!

We appreciate your continued prayers for Little Pip and the rest of this pregnancy!