Day: July 10, 2008

It’s Aunt Nellie’s birthday!

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Hee hee. She’s so going to kill me for that. Although we’ve been calling her “Nellie” in public since I can remember so I suppose she’s used to it!

Nellie, my sister, otherwise known as Danelle is celebrating her birthday today. Oh my goodness sister, we are getting old! I won’t even be mean and say how old you’ll be. Ok, I lied. Happy 37th Birthday sister! Here are a few things about my sister.

1. I already said this one, but I’ll use it anyway. Our family has called her “Nellie” for as long as I can remember. And now she’s “Aunt Nellie” to Belle!

2. She is a die hard Pittsburg Steelers fan. And when I say “die hard” I mean it.

3. Her entire apartment is decorated in Steelers decor. Well not the entire thing. Just the living room, dining room and kitchen. Seriously.

4. She has a dog, Charlie, who used to be our dog. He’s been my sister’s dog for at least 6 months now and he’s never been happier. Spoiled rotten Charlie!

5. In addition to calling her “Nellie” I also call her “Sister”. In fact that is the name we use for each other most often. When we call it’s not, Hi Nellie or Hi Missy, but Hi Sister!

6. She is an amazing cook. She’s been a restaurant manager (and a great one at that) for alot of her life and puts on a mean buffet!

7. She hates chic flicks. Come on Sister, I still don’t understand how you can hate chic flicks. But she does. She’d pick an action thriller killer movie over a chic flick any day.

8. She has some kind of strange bond with Princess and Belle. I don’t mean strange in a bad way. It’s actually very cool. Princess and Belle absolutely love their Aunt Nellie. Probably cause Aunt Nellie loves them so much!

9. Nellie still carries the reputation from high school as having the biggest baddest party in the history of our hometown. Let me tell when you wake up in the morning and there are strangers lying on your living room floor, now that is an experience you will never forget!

10. Sister loves her family so much. And she’d do anything for any of us. She’s had some tough times but has come through them stronger and more understanding of God’s love.

We love you sister. And we pray that God blesses you today and gives us many more years together! Thanks for being such a great sister! And a great aunt. And just a great all around cool person!