Day: July 21, 2008

Family Vacation 2008 Part 6

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Goodness gracious I can’t believe I haven’t finished our family vacation report for you. I also can’t believe how much I say “goodness gracious”. Ok, on with part six.

Monday, June 9th

After visiting Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse on Sunday we decided to finish off our sight seeing and hit as many sights today as we could. First we were off to Bear Country. Hubby was most looking forward to this and we weren’t disappointed.

Ok, considering we spent the equivalent of Princess’s college tuition for us all to get in maybe we should have been disappointed. But it was still fun and we laughed alot.

I’m not going to show you too many pictures from Bear Country because really, how interesting are pictures of animals with no people in them? Personally I don’t think they are very interesting. But Hubby did capture a few that are kinda funny and human like. Like this one – big ol’ bear scratching his back.

Or this one. Cute little bear taking a nap. Aren’t his feet just the cutest? They remind me of Belle’s! 🙂

We also stopped at the baby animal part of Bear Country and Princess and Belle were able to get their picture taken with a bear!

After Bear Country we were off to Old McDonald’s Farm.

We saw cows.

And goats. Notice Princess’s excitement. I think she’s trying to not fall asleep!

And we saw lambies. I grew up on a sheep farm so the lambs are my favorite part.

That’s my girl. They’re Belle’s favorite too!

And we saw a very big horsie. Not sure if Belle is staring at the big horse or the little horse’s rear! I suppose both very interesting to an 8 month old! 🙂

And last but not least, our family photo!

We had much more sight-seeing to do even though I was about ready to drop. We left Old McDonald’s Farm and went to The Cosmos. The Cosmos is this very strange place where the gravity is all messed up. Personally I did not enjoy this stop. I got very nauseous and had to leave and go back to the car. Eewww.

Here’s the family in one of the cabins. If you look closely you can see they are standing crooked.

And we still weren’t done. I think we went and had lunch next at Sonic (Yummo!) and then went to Reptile Gardens. Again we paid an arm and a leg but unfortunately we weren’t as happy with this stop as we were with Bear Country. And I only took two pictures. I was exhausted.

Here’s Belle on the giant turtle.

And another family photo.

Hee hee, that’s flattering.

Finally we had enough sight seeing and headed back to the hotel. Although we spent probably way too much money the memories we’ve created will last a lifetime and that’s priceless!

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