Month: August 2008

Maybe what I need is a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate!?

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Ice cream and chocolate usually solves all the worlds problem, doesn’t it?

I’ve been pretty lamo when it comes to blogging lately. Not sure what my problem is. Not enough ice cream and chocolate? Hhmmm, don’t think that’s it. Whatever it is, I’m hoping a nice long, relaxing, holiday weekend will do the trick.

Well if you call relaxing painting, landscaping, cleaning, organizing and building stuff.

The wacked out emotions have really kicked in the past week or so. Maybe that’s my problem? I break down crying over the littlest of things. It’s so annoying. And then I cry some more because I’m annoyed at myself. And then I get tired. And then I cry some more. My back also really hurts bad and that makes me cry too. I’m really trying hard to appreciate every second of this pregnancy because I know it might not ever happen again. And then when I think about that I cry too! Goodness gracious girl, get a grip!

Ok, enough about that! Yesterday went great. Perfect in fact. And I have some great pictures to show you but I’ve lost my camera cord again. Hopefully I’ll also find that this weekend.

So watch out world. I’ll be back in full swing blogging mode next week. Hopefully. If all the painting, landscaping, cleaning, organizing and building stuff doesn’t kill me!

Hope you have a great weekend. Make some good memories! See you soon!

Belle’s big day!

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Tomorrow (Wednesday) is that day that Belle officially becomes a part of our family! Our court hearing is at 10:00 am and we’re told it will take just 15 minutes or so. Then we’re having a special party and have invited all our family and friends over for lunch. You’re invited too! If you live near by come over between 11:30 am – 1:00 pm to celebrate with us. (Email me for directions.)

Thanks for your prayers for our miracle girl.


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Timothy, aka The Prankster, delivered his payback this weekend. Little stinker.

Unfortunately Hubby didn’t even get experience it to the full extent that me and Belle did because he was outside.

Here’s the scene:

Ceiling fan off.

Time to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows.

Ceiling fan on.

Confetti everywhere.

Oh yes he did. He put those little decoration confetti pieces, the ones you see at graduations and parties, on the blades of our ceiling fan. Oh and he also turned the fan on high so when I turned it on…well, let me know show you.

Here’s a little closer view…

And yet a little closer…

Little stinker.

He leaves for college in three days. Three days to think of an amazing payback for the payback. Watch out Prankster!

The last first day of high school

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Princess started school this week. She’s a senior which means she thinks she needs to leave us next year and go to college. Ya I know, crazy.

Hubby decided to make whatever Princess wanted for breakfast on her first day. Per her request, he made a yummy omelet. Unfortunately him and I were running late so we didn’t get one. Sad. Here she is getting ready to enjoy it.

And here she is, our little girl almost all grown up ready to head out the door. Don’t you just love her yellow shirt. It’s for sure her favorite – that’s why she’s wearing it. Actually she’s wearing it because she was told she had to wear it because she’s on a welcoming team for the incoming freshman. The things you’ll do to make your scholarship application look good!

Don’t you also love the baby gate? It adds a lot to the decor doesn’t it. I have a funny story to tell you about how Princess couldn’t get out of the basement because she couldn’t figure out how to open the gate. But I’ll tell you about that later when I know she isn’t reading this!

Here’s another one of the hippest yellow shirt wearing chic in school – this time with the doggies, Ed and Allie wishing her a good day.

I’m trying to enjoy these last memories of HS we’re making with Princess and not dwell on the fact that she’s grown up so fast and that life will be just downright icky without her around all the time. She’s the most amazing young woman. She does a great job of honoring her parents (most of the time) and is the world’s best sister. We love her so much and pray that God will continue to use her and stretch her and work in her life. And we pray that this year will be the best one yet!