Month: September 2008

Princess and the Prankster

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I think y’all have met the Prankster. If not, you can read about him here and here.

The Prankster is a freshman in college and he and Princess have been close friends for some time. As their relationship started to developed into possibly more than just friends Hubby decided to impose quite a strict rule regarding their level of communication.

They couldn’t. Communicate.

Yes, you read it correctly. No Facebook. No phone. No texting. No email. No IM.

From September 1st until November 1st the ONLY way they are allowed to communicate is through writing letters. Ya know, like paper and pen and an envelope and a stamp.

At first Hubby imposed this rule for the entire first semester – four months! As much as I love and respect him I had to question his sanity. So he graciously agreed to just the first two months of the semester.

The interesting thing is that Princess didn’t even really complain. Well, maybe a little right in the beginning but both Princess and Prankster were willing to abide by Hubby’s rule. Now they could certainly be cheating. (If you guys are cheating you are so dead). But I don’t think they are.  They usually write 3-4 times a week and by the size of the envelopes these letters are like 23 pages long.

And honestly, I’m a little jealous. If I got a letter from Hubby, even a one page letter, well let me just say I would be a very smitten wife and Hubby would be glad he wrote me a letter. 🙂 It’s just so romantic and maybe that’s why Princess didn’t really complain about it.

Email and texting and Facebook are great and all but really, do you get to know a person through those means of communication?  But being able to write letters, share thoughts and feelings and frustrations and joys and whatever else, now that is communicating. Not to mention the excitement of checking the mail and getting more than a bill or credit card offer!

It’s a treasure that’s been lost. So today, I challenge you to write a letter. Or send a card. Let someone know that you love them and are thinking of them and are praying for them. I just know it will make their day!


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I hope if this movie is playing in your town or nearby that you take time this weekend to see it…preferably with your spouse! 🙂 Unfortunately it’s not playing in our town but I’m trying to convince Hubby to drive two hours to see it!

Have a great weekend!

The joys and sorrows of a mom who works outside the home

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Having a chance to go to the bathroom by myself.

Not having to share my snack or my lunch or my water or my milk or my snack.

Not having to say “No” or “Ucky” every two minutes.

Giving my aching muscles a little rest from lifting.

Not having to pick up that toy or cracker a hundred times in a row.

Not having to tell the dog every 2 minutes, “quick licking the baby”.

Sorrows (honestly, too many to list):

Not having someone to talk to when I go to the bathroom.

Not seeing the cheesy smile of my girl when I share my snack or my lunch or my water or my milk or my snack.

Not being the one to teach her what “no” and “ucky” means.

Possibly missing a “first”.

Nut getting hugs. Anytime. Anywhere.

No kisses. Sloppy, open mouth, often food filled kisses. But still wonderful precious kisses.

Not being there to comfort when she falls or bumps her head.

Not being able to help her learn how to pick up her own toys and be “mommy’s big helper”.

Not seeing Belle squeal and kick her legs with delight every single time she sees the doggies.

Not being able to take a nap together.

Knowing that if I could I would trade every joy of going to work to be home with my baby.


Mommy’s big helper

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Our baby girl has turned into mommy’s big helper. Literally overnight it seems. It’s so amazing to see their minds and personalities grow and change and develop.

For the past few months Belle has been helping me with laundry. I put the clothes in the basket and she takes them all out and throws them around the room. Helping, right?!?  Well lately, she has been taking the clothes out of the basket and handing them to me. I can’t fold them fast enough! But what a good helper – especially since I can hardly bend over to get the clothes out of the basket.

The other day we were working in her bedroom. It’s a complete mess. I have boxes and boxes of her old clothes that no longer fit. And some clothes for Little Pip that someone gave us. And Pip’s car seat. And some of Belle’s “baby toys. And her toys she plays with now. And who knows what else.

So I was trying to organize the chaos, put her freshly washed clothes away, put Pip’s clothes away, etc. First she handed me every piece of clothing. And then she started handing me hangers. I had a huge pile of hangers on the floor and she would hand them to me one at a time. I wasn’t ready to use them yet so I would say, “Thank you” and put them on the other side of me. When she got through the pile of hangers she went over to the other side of me and started the process again! We did this at least 5 times. You should have seen the look on her face. She just knew that she was mommy’s big helper!

Normally in the morning when it’s time for her bottle she’ll just spit out her pacifier and it goes flying. But lately she’s been waiting patiently for mommy to get comfortable. I hand her the bottle. She takes out her pacifier and hands it to me. 

Oh, my heart can only take so much!

Some other ways she’s trying to be a big helper:

Helping the doggies eat their food.

Helping the doggies drink their water.

“Cleaning” the toilet.

“Taking out” the garbage.

Turning the tv channel for us. And sometimes trying to order a movie on Pay Per View!

As amazing as it is to see her grow and change and develop how I wish she could stay my baby forever.