37 weeks 4 days

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Well unfortunately doctor doesn’t think I’m in labor. I’m still having cramping although it’s not as painful as it was between 2-4 this morning.  He did check me and I’m not dialated at all – well a fingertip, so that’s nothing really. He said I’m starting to thin out but baby is still a little high. Blood pressure was 130/70, I don’t think I gained any weight from last week. Protein/swelling still within normal ranges. I measured 37 so that’s better than last week’s 34!

Unfortunately I don’t think Pip will be a Thanksgiving baby!

Here’s an update from my “30 days to go” post:

18 days until my due date. After I posted this originally I got a lecture from a good friend and my mom that I’m trying to do too much so I’m trying to take their advise and not over do it. Having a list though does help me stay organized and get things done that I really do have to get done. I mean come on, we have to name the baby. I have to get my hair cut and colored. There are just some things that are non-negotiable, right.

Since I made my 30 days list I’ve been alot more productive. I’m the type that waits til the last minute and I usually work best that way but it’s probably not best to do that in this situation. Check out below everything we’ve gotten done. Woo hoo!

The poll is still open for helping us name Pip. Click on the link on the right side to vote.

30 days until my due date. And even though it’s highly unlikely Little Pip will come right on my due date I thought I’d stress myself out a little by thinking of 30 things I need to do in the next 30 days. We’ll see how I do with actually getting things crossed off the list! Here goes:

1. Pack my bag.

2. Put Pip’s car seat in the van.

3. Clean out the guest bedroom.

4. Finish Belle’s baby book.

5. Work on Princess’s scrapbook.

6. Work on Belle’s scrapbook.

7. Decide whether or not to blog during my labor.

8. Organize the gazillion pictures on our computer.

9. Organize my laundry room and possibly convince Hubby to build some shelves.

10. Wash the walls and baseboards in my house Hire someone to wash the walls and baseboards in our house.

11. Get a massage.

12. Get my hair cut and colored.

13. Start and finish Christmas shopping.

14. Clean out the bathroom cupboards.

15. Clean out the coat closest.

16. Purchase a cabinet organizer for our pantry and convince Hubby to install it.

17. Organize the pantry after organizer thing is installed.

18. Make a run to Sam’s Club to stock up on cleaning supplies, freezer foods and other stuff we probably don’t really need.

19. Buy stuff for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.

20. Wash the huge pile of sheets and blankets in our laundry room.

21. Decide whether or not to purchase a double stroller. And then buy one if we decide we should.

22. Decide whether or not to put up Christmas decorations. And then put them up if we decide we should.

23. Have an all day movie marathon with Princess.

24. Clean out our bedroom closet.

25. Clean and put away all the junk in our bedroom.

26. Figure out what we’re going to do for daycare when I go back to work. Ya praise God! I think we have a plan that will work best. I should have known it would have worked out!

27. Put friends and family’s phone numbers in mine and Hubby’s phones that we want to call when Pip arrives.

28. Buy (or rent?) breast pump and other nursing supplies I might need.

29. Decide what to name Pip!

30. According to Hubby, “Relax and don’t think you need to get everything done.”


One thought on “37 weeks 4 days

    Danelle said:
    November 24, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    sister, you are so funny!!
    p.s. please look into my car over thanksgiving.
    #31….clean nellie’s car

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