Month: January 2009

Psalm 17:8

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Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.



7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I had my 6 week post baby check up yesterday. Everything is looking good and I actually weighed a little less then I thought I did. Four pounds less, but hey, four pounds is four pounds!

2. Hubby made chili last night because his work is having a chili cook off (he won last year!). He’s a great cook and so I made him write down the recipe – he doesn’t use a recipe, he just throws things together – I hate people like that. Anyway, I wanted him to write it down because I’m going to send it in to Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown and I’m pretty sure he’s going to win and I think there’s a big money prize and then I can be a stay at home mom!

3. Last night I watched Another Cinderella Story with Princess. I won’t say it was a total waste of 2 hours but when “Cinderella” dropped her Zune before the clock struck midnight instead of her slipper I knew we were in for some major cheese.

4. Belle is officially weaned from her bottle. We had alot of whining and crying this morning when she woke up but eventually she realized her sippy cup will just have to do. I know she’ll always be my baby girl but I wish she could stay a baby girl for just a little while longer, ya know.

5. My new favorite place is the shower. I was always a quick shower taker but since having the two babies any time Hubby is home to watch the babies I’ll take a very very very long very very very hot shower and just imagine all the overwhelmtion running right down the drain.

6. Speaking of the shower, I think I have a bright idea. A Pastor/friend once reminded us that we are constantly thinking or talking to ourselves. Maybe you hadn’t thought of that but as you go through the day you really are thinking about things and talking to yourself about things. So he suggested instead of talking to yourself that we should use that time to talk to the Lord. Well as I was in the shower the other day I was thinking about this – instead of talking to the Lord – duh. But I was thinking about the very very very long showers I’ve been taking lately and how that’s kind of a waste of time. Kind of. My sanity needs those showers.

Anyway, I decided that I could use that time to memorize scripture. So I’m going to type up a bunch of scripture and then laminate the pages and put them on the wall in the shower. Although I haven’t quite figured out how to make the pages stay up on the wall of the shower.

7. My weekend plans consist of: dinner and a movie tonight with Hubby (Grama’s in town again to spoil watch the babies), do the bills, pick up dog doo doo in the back yard, finish cleaning my bedroom and bedroom closet, finish putting together Pip’s bedroom as he was recently promoted to a crib, get groceries, take Grama Barb out for her birthday and watch the Super Bowl at home with Hubby and the babies.

In my dreams, right. The only thing I can guarantee will happen is our date tonight. Even the Super Bowl is questionable because lately when the babies sleep, we sleep. Oh, how times have changed!

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


Belle’s Favorite Things

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I was hoping to post this with Belle’s 15 month update. I’m a little late but here are some of Belle’s favorite things…

A – the ALPHABET song – she has a book with the alphabet and pictures and she loves to “point” to the letters as I sing. Although she gets no where close to the right letter but that’s ok!

B – BANANAS – she’d probably eat ten bananas a day if we let her!

C – CANTALOUPE – ditto on the cantaloupe!

D – DORA the Explorer – we have one DVD of Dora and she wants to watch it every single day. She’ll point to the TV now and that means she wants to watch Dora. Anyone else think Dora talks really loud? She’s practically yelling. Use your inside voice for goodness sakes!

E – EDWARD and Allie – our puppy dogs. Ed is a 100 lb lab/husky and Allie is 40 lb lab/border collie. She plays with them all day and they are so good to her!

F – FOOD – this girl can eat!

G – GLORIA and GRANDPARENTS – Gloria is the name of one of Belle’s babysitter and Belle adores her. She also adores her grandparents. She’s blessed to have two amazing grandmas and one amazing grandpa who spoil her rotten!

H – HIGH FIVE – a tv show on Discovery Kids.

I – ICE CREAM – Belle knows that when we have a bowl of something it’s usually cereal or ice cream. She’ll want to look in the bowl to see what it is and if it’s ice cream we need to share!

J – JESUS – ok, maybe that’s stretching it. But she does love to pray at mealtime now and say “amen” and we pray every night before bedtime.

K – KIDS- Belle loves other kids. She mostly loves to just stare at them but in the nursery on Sunday morning she loves to play.

L – LOVING on her daddy – Belle loves it when Daddy comes home every day and gives him a great big hug. She’s always willing to cuddle with her daddy and as she’s hugging she’ll pat his shoulder. Oh, it’s so cute!

M – MUSIC – Belle loves to rock out and dance anytime she hears music.

N – NELLIE – my sister – Belle thinks she is the coolest person in the world – maybe because she is! Aunt Nellie chases her around the house and Belle loves it!

O – OUTSIDE – Whether it’s summer, fall or winter Belle loves to be outside. She’s just like her daddy in that way and I can’t wait for this cold weather to be gone!

P – PICTURES – she loves to look at pictures of her family. But she is the WORST picture taker. I suppose that’s her age but how I’d love to get one good picture of her smiling.

Q – (Q is hard!) – Belle is QUITE the little helper! In fact, she’s a great helper. She helps with laundry “folding”, helps to “dust” the tables and our favorite is she has the most amazing eagle eye. She can find the tiniest little thing on the floor, she’ll pick it up and bring it to us to throw away. For someone who doesn’t vacuum as much as she should this can get to be QUITE tiring because Belle is always finding things on the floor to pick up!

R – READING – Belle loves to “read” books. She loves other people to read to her. She loves to sit by herself and read book after book after book.

S – SISTER – Belle loves her sister Princess. Every time Princess comes home or walks in the room Belle will let out a loud scream of pure joy! And tonight for the first time Belle said “Princess”! It was so cute!

T – TOOTHBRUSH- Belle loves to “brush” her teeth. She mainly just sucks on the toothbrush but has started getting a little back and forth action going.

U – UNDRESSING – Oh dear, it has begun!

V – VEGGING out – as much as Belle loves to run and run and run she also loves to snuggle up on the couch and watch Dora or High Five and eat snacks. I love our vegging out cuddle girl time!

W – WATER – she loves to take a bath and she recently had her first swimming pool experience and she loved it! She didn’t want to get out. We can’t wait for this summer when we’ll hopefully spend alot of weekends at my parents on the river.

X – her “X” book – I know, that’s a stretch too but she does love her alphabet books. They are little books, one for each letter of the alphabet, with just 3 pages each. They’re great to bring to church – except now she’s started “reading” out loud!

Y – YELLING – ya, it’s loud around here with the monster Belle running around giving us her best “roar”.

Z – ZIRBERTS – Belle loves it when we zirbert her tummy or neck. She is so ticklish and lets out this loud amazing laugh. It’s so funny!

Conversations In My Head

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She’s back.

Like the whole world wide web really needs to know that.

Oh well, I’m all about sharing ridiculously private things about my life.

I’ve really enjoyed the past 10 months while she was on vacation.

I’m really dreading these next few days.

I can’t believe I didn’t try harder to nurse longer.

Oh ya, that’s a great reason to nurse, just so she stays away longer.

Let the guilt trip begin.

How am I going to hide away in my bed until she leaves with two little ones?

Sorry girl, those days are long past.

Maybe I should get her permanently removed.

But that’s so permanent.

Advil, you are my new best friend.