7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. My amazing friend Emily came over yesterday. She said she could do anything – clean – watch the kids so I could leave – whatever. I told her what I needed most was sleep and I was a little worried about Belle freaking out if I left so me and Belle took a nap and she watched Pip. Plus she brought us supper.  Oh ya, she has two little ones of her own and chose to spend her free afternoon taking care of me and my kiddos. Did I mention she’s amazing?

Have you offered your help to a new mom lately? If you’re a new mom have you asked or accepted help lately? I found that my biggest problem is accepting help. But when I have I’ve been SO blessed!

2. I’m going to post about it later but here’s a hint of what we did on Wednesday:


It can only get better, right?

3. Remember when I bashed American Idol and The Bachelor. Well I have to offer my apologies because now am I not only watching both shows every week, but they are also scheduled to be recorded on my DVR just in case I’m not home or Hubby wants to watch something else. Although he complains about these two shows secretly I think he’s just as obsessed as I am.

4. My mom came this week to help out. She’s amazing too. She came on Tuesday around noon and left Wednesday late afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned she’s a singer/song-writer. Up until about 2 years ago she had never touched a guitar and the only singing she’d probably do was in the shower. But the Lord started giving her songs and she learned to play the guitar. Now I think she’s written over 60 songs! Belle loves it when Mom plays her guitar and also loves to “play” the guitar herself. Mom will set the guitar on the floor and Belle will strum away. It’s pretty cute. I’m pretty sure we have the next American Idol in our midst! Here’s Belle awhile back “playing” the guitar with mom:


5. Because my mom was here I got a start on cleaning out my bedroom closet. This is what I’m working with:


Pray for me.

6. I also started working on our 2008 taxes. So far it (Turbo Tax) says we’re getting a refund of $8000. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That’s funny.

7. Because of my mom and good friends Hubby has not had to endure my cooking all week:

Monday – meal provided by April
Tuesday – Mom here – date night (more details coming soon)
Wednesday – Mom made supper before she left
Thursday – meal provided by Emily

Hmmm. I wonder what tonight will bring!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

    Kristy said:
    January 23, 2009 at 11:59 am

    So fun to read the 7 quick things going on with others! Your daughter is adorable!! Blessings!

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