Month: February 2009

If You Look Up “Amazing” In The Dictionary I’m Sure You’ll See A Picture Of Hubby

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I don’t think I use the word ‘amazing’ enough so I thought I’d share a little bit today about my amazing Hubby.

When people ask him what he does at his job he usually says “everything”. And he’s not being conceited or sarcastic. He really does just about everything. First of all he’s the Fabrication Manager. Well maybe, I should back up and tell you where he works.

It’s called JDS Industries (and I used to work there too – rocking place to work!) and they are a wholesale supplier of trophy and award components.

So do me a favor. Go to your attic or storage room. Pull out the trophies or plaques you got in the 8th grade. See all the little parts that make up the trophy or plaque? JDS sells all those little parts to trophy and award retail stores who in turn make a huge profit by selling them to naive parents and coaches (no offenses parents and coaches but you would die if you knew how little that trophy really cost to make).

I bet you had no idea places like JDS even existed. I didn’t before I started working there. JDS is one of the top, if not the top seller in the awards industry. They have 12 warehouses nationwide and even sell to countries outside of the US. That was one of my favorite parts about working there. I took care of the International customers and they are so nice. Well all of JDS customers are nice because JDS is so AMAZING but anyway I digress.

I really think I have a point somewhere in this post so hang with me.

Oh ya, explaining what Hubby does.

So the retail stores that buy the trophy and award parts don’t always have an engraving machine to engrave the names and such on the awards. So JDS has a custom Fabrication department to do that for customers. And they do a bunch of other custom stuff like cutting plates and sublimation and laser engraving and silk screening. My Hubby manages that department.

And I just realized that tomorrow Hubby will be celebrating his 19th year with JDS. Isn’t that amazing?

Hubby is one smart cookie and has self-taught himself pretty much everything there is to know about computers. So he’s also the IT guy for JDS. And the guy everyone goes to when their computer starts behaving badly. Of course he’s the type of guy who you call and say, “Hello Hubby (except no one else better call him that), my computer is being stupid.” And he goes to the computer and says to it, “Computer, will you please behave?” And then it starts working again. Don’t you just hate those type of people? Ya, me neither. I think they are amazing.

Ok so far he’s Fabrication Manager, IT Guy, Super Smart Computer Fixer Guy.

He’s also a Graphic Artist. He used to draw when he was a youngin’ and he was really good. That’s where Princess got her amazing artistic abilities from. So at JDS he does all their catalogs, brochures and marketing stuff. He used to do their websites too but I think he’s finally gotten help to do that.

I just remembered why I’m telling you all this.

Once a year the awards industry has a huge trade show in Las Vegas. This is the first year me and Hubby haven’t gone. Because of course I don’t work there anymore and Hubby asked not to go because of the baby explosion at our house. But he got a call today from his very excited boss and learned that JDS won Best Catalog, Best New Products Brochure, Best Product Display and got 2nd for Best Mega Booth.

Now I won’t lie – he did have help on the Product Display and Booth but I’m pretty sure the catalog and brochure was all him.

Isn’t he amazing? Ya, I think so too!


If I was a betting woman I would bet that Hubby is the most amazing guy in the world. But I’m pretty sure there are some of you that would differ with me. So go ahead. Leave a comment and tell the world (or at least the couple of people that read this) what’s so amazing about your honey!

Have a great weekend too!


Never Underestimate the Power of the Hot Dog

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If y’all aren’t familiar with Disney Playhouse you’re totally missing out. We only watch it because Belle likes to watch it. Really, that’s why. And we never find ourselves singing the songs to ourselves during the day. Nope, never.

I realized the other day that I’m so out of the loop as far as the news is concerned. In the morning Hubby watches the local news for a little bit to catch the weather but Belle is up around 6:00-6:30 am and we usually switch it to Disney. And then at night we eat supper as soon as Hubby gets home, clean up, give the kids a bath and by then the news is over. As I realized I was missing the news I also realized I wasn’t missing much. In fact I’m here to tell you that you should turn your TV to Disney Playhouse in the morning too. And this is why:

The biggest crisis you’ll find on Disney Playhouse is a little musical animal that needs to find his way home on Little Einstein’s or the search for Eor’s tale on My Friends Tigger and Pooh.

Everyone always works together to solve whatever crisis they are facing.

You’ll never hear a news anchor sing a catchy little tune.

The weather’s always perfect at Mickey’s Playhouse.

The guys from Imagination Movers are really cute smart.

And according to Hubby Nina from Imagination movers is really hot. But he’d probably say that about the female news anchors so that one doesn’t count.

The Hot Dog song from Mickey’s  Playhouse.  Oh ya. The best song ever. And so worth the torture fun of watching all those crazy Disney Playhouse shows and missing out on the news.


Pip 2 Months

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Our little Pip is already two months old! (Actually this is a little late he’s two months and one week old today!)




I know you’re probably sick of me saying it but too bad I’m saying it again: this little dude is just the best little baby. As you can see from the pictures he is so smiley. Talk about making our hearts melt. He’s still on a pretty good schedule. I was afraid it was just a fluke but we’re going on two and a half weeks now.

He’ll eat – usually about 4-6 ounces every three hours. After he eats he just likes to lay around and smile and laugh at everyone and everything. He’s also started “talking” alot more – cooing and oohing. He’ll stay awake for about 1 – 1 1/2 hours and then get cranky. After a little bouncing he’ll fall asleep for about an hour. He’ll be awake for a little bit and then be ready to eat again and we start all over again!

He’s been on a consistent schedule so he usually eats between 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm and then goes to sleep. Most nights he’ll sleep til 5 or 6 am but a few nights he’s still waking up around 2 or 3 am but always goes right back to sleep after he eats.

I don’t know if you can see from the pictures but he has the cutest little body. I know that sounds silly. But I just love it. You can already tell he has a long torso and broad strong neck and shoulders like his daddy. And unfortunately he has short little legs like his mommy.

His eyes have stayed blue but we figured that since me and Hubby have blue eyes. His are bright blue just like his daddy’s. I’m still not sure about his hair. I was thinking it was going to turn blond but hasn’t yet so I’m not sure.

He does have pretty bad eczema on his face. I know it’s normal but I feel bad for him. We’re trying some different type lotions – any suggestions from anyone?

Probably the cutest thing of all about Little Pip is that he’ll smile at his big sister Belle. She LOVES him now and walks around saying “hi Caleb” all day. When he’s in the swing she’ll go over and hold his hand and talk to him and try to stick his paci in his mouth. She very rarely gets jealous anymore and I’m so thankful for that. She’s such a good big helper.

Well I think that’s about it. It’s been an interesting two months since Pip was born. Good days and bad days. Lots of memories made. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings but am cherishing each moment today.


What I Learned This Week

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1. That although it’s sometimes annoying when Belle runs around the house yelling at the top of her lungs it has allowed Pip to learn to sleep through anything!

2. Changing my blog theme every month or so is kinda like re-arranging my living room furniture. There’s really no good reason to do it, it just makes me feel better.

3. Belle LOVES it when she’s with her family. Pip was baptized on Sunday and both sides of the family and a few close friends went out to eat with us. Belle enjoyed the company of both her Grandmas, her Grandpa, all her aunts and uncles and cousins, her big sister AND big brother and her babysitter Gloria and her husband Pastor Kirk. Plus her mommy, daddy and little brother.

Heaven on earth according to a 16 month old!

4. I like it when my husband cries.

Well I suppose I should clarify. We went to the movie Marley and Me on Friday. It was so good. And Hubby (and me too) cried his eyes out. It was a great date. And for some reason it’s just really romantic when you and your husband are crying together at a movie.

5. I love to spend time with Princess. She came along with us on our date. It was so much fun to have her all to ourselves. And I think she cried too.

That’s what I learned this week! Stop over at Musings of a Housewife for more great lessons learned!