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My amazing friend Amber shared this story with me that the Lord gave her and she said I could share it with you!

I cried as I read it because there was a time when I hid behind a “beautiful” outside shell I had created. It was only until I was real before Jesus and bared my broken soul to Him that I was made whole and free and understood what beautiful really meant.

I pray that you are not hiding in a “beautiful house”. That you would understand the love Jesus has for you and be broken before Him so He can make you truly beautiful and free.

The houses were so beautiful. Most of them anyways. They had such beautifully adorned windows and doors on the outside, flowers growing all around them, vines climbing up the beautifully wooden oak that the houses were crafted out of. During the day, people would pass by each other’s houses, gazing at the amazing arquitecture and sculptures and expensive things that adorned the lawns. Sprinkler systems and rose bushes galore. One would say to the other “such a beautiful house, I wish I had yours!” and the other would reply “Oh yes, it is splendid isn’t it?” And so would go the days, on and on. But no one but the owners entered their houses. No one knew what the insides of any other person’s house looked like.

One girl, after staring at all of the beautiful houses went back to her own because it was getting dark out. As she slowly opened the door, her heart dropped to the usual pain she felt every time she went back to her house. There were no lights. It was dark and scary. It was filthy, crawling things that she didn’t even want to know about. No comfort. No light. It was hard to breath because of the disgusting smell coming from that closet and the heater didn’t work, and there wasn’t any way she would have someone come over, into her mess, and fix it. She sat on the dirty floor and began to cry. She felt so alone. She hated the fact that her house was wanted by so many, but that the truth was she couldn’t stand it herself. She wanted company over. She was sick of being alone. And so out of this desperation, she decided that it was worth a try to clean it out, and to reveal the state of her house.

She opened the door, bright light shining in, revealing much more than she even thought was there in the beginning. However, knowing that anything was better than one more lonely night, she started to sweep out the house. As garbage started to collect outside on her lawn, neighbors started to look in, and saw the mess of the house. Some gathered and laughed at the horrible inside. Others rolled their eyes, committing to never speaking to that messed up girl again.

One lady came by, and stopped. Her mind was deep in thought, as she looked with saddened eyes at the girl throwing out stuff, at this moment not even caring what was revealed from the inside. The lady started crying and went up to the girl. She took the broom from her, and started sweeping a corner. As the girl stared at her with wide eyes, the lady turned to her, smiled, and with tears in her eyes said “You know… no one cleans anymore. I always thought that my house was the only one in need of a good sweep. Would you by any chance be interested in helping me clean out my house tomorrow? I can’t stand one more lonely night in it!’

In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.
Psalm 118:5



One thought on “Free

    Sarah said:
    February 12, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Makes me think of the song…”Come and make my heart your home…search me, through and through, so my heart can become a home for you.” There are so many beautiful “homes” out there – what a challenge to help them see we need to build them from the inside out.

    I pray you touch a lot of lives today with that story.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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