Month: March 2009

Being Able To Buy A New Wardrobe Has Nothing To Do With It

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Can I just be real and tell you that I have DREADED writing this post. DREAD. ED. Probably because it will actually force me to do something about something I’ve struggled with for the past year – ok maybe few years.

My weight and eating habits.

There ya have it. It’s out there in blogland for the entire world wide web, or at least the four of you that regularly visit, to see. And to be perfectly honest I’m kind of excited. And terrified. And afraid I’m going to fall flat on my face.

When Hubby and I were married I was at my “perfect” weight – about 120. I was also bicycling alot. Oh ya I was smoking and not eating very well either. Since then I have quit smoking (thanks to Jesus). But I have also quit exercising and I still eat very poorly.

When Little Pip unexpectedly came a visiting last year I was up to 150. The weird thing is I didn’t feel overweight. I’ll write more about that later. But I think that has played a big role in my continuing to gain weight. During my pregnancy I actually think I was eating pretty healthy but I wasn’t exercising like I should have been and slowly my weight crept up there. I ended up at 198 (sorry I will not say 200) when Pip was born. Immediately I lost about 20 pounds and since then have lost another 10 and so am now at 164.

I recently came across some very cool bloggers who started The Sisterhood of the Skinny Jeans. But it’s not just for sisters so Hubby’s going to join with me! I might even convince him to blog a time or two. Ha ha.  The website is great and it’s just what I need to help get me motivated. Plus having to blog about it and tell all of blogland will hopefully hold me accountable.

Each week I’ll share where I’m at weight wise and also share what I’m struggling with, along with some tips and solutions in eating healthy and staying fit.  The Sisterhood also has some amazing giveaways and contests and right now they are having a giveaway for a great workout DVD. Head over to The Sisterhood to check it out!

Here’s our starting weights. Brace yourself.

Missy’s Current weight: 164

Missy’s Goal (ideal): 120

Missy’s Goal (realistic): 130

Hubby’s current weight: 217

Hubby’s Goal (ideal): 175

Hubby’s Goal (realistic): 190

So in conclusion: I need to lose weight. Hopefully The Sisterhood can help. Mr Twinkie you will be missed.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that we are taking part in a new challenge from The Sisterhood. It’s called “Shrink Into Summer” and it’s an eight week weight loss challenge. Every Wednesday we get to check in and let them know how we’re doing. We’re starting a week late but hopefully we can still see some good progress over the next seven weeks!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


American Idol – One Word Version

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Not sure why I decided to do a one word AI recap. Probably because my Hubby’s recap last week was so amazing and there’s no way I can compete with that so I figured I’d just write a lame one word version. Ya, that’s lame.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Oh ya, I’m so lame I forgot to write down what songs they sang.

1. Anoop Desai – Gross
2. Megan Joy – Weird
3. Danny Gokey – Awesome
4. Allison Iraheta – Fake
5. Scott McIntyre – Nice
6. Matt Geraud – Mediocre
7. Lil Rounds – Good
8. Adam Lambert – Unique
9. Kris Allen (my boyfriend) – Amazing

Top – Kris
Bottom – Anoop

There ya have it folks. The shortest American Idol recap in the history of the world! You can head over to BooMama’s blog for more (and much more interesting) AI recaps!


Sweetness is…

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…being home with my babies. Even though they were sick and I wasn’t feeling so hot myself it was still sweet.

…holding Pip most of the day. Ok it wasn’t entirely sweet – there were a few times I thought I’d lose my mind. But it was mostly sweet.

…Belle not using her pacifier anymore! Just like that.

…Getting a text from Hubby that says, “hi!”. Even though he’s sitting right next to me.

…Pip in his new bumbo seat.

…Belle and her new obsession with hats.

…Crawling into bed after a long day right after you’ve put new sheets on the bed.

…Listening to Belle say “hi Caleb!” all day long.

…Being home when Princess comes home for lunch.

…Good friends who cry with you and laugh with you and are just there for you.

…Waking up on Saturday morning to find Hubby gone (ok, that’s not sweet) but then to realize that he went to the store to get us all donuts.

…Bathtub crayons and leaving a special note for Hubby on the shower wall.

…No Peek Chicken recipe I got from my friend Emily.

…Making supper three nights in a row. Without incident.

…Princess with her zebra friend.

…Belle sleeping in three mornings in a row.

…Listening to Belle talk to herself (or maybe her stuffed animals) when she does wake up.

…Kisses from Belle. She loves to kiss everyone – mommy, daddy, big sister Princess and baby brother Pip (even though she doesn’t have very good aim!).

What’s been sweet in your life lately?

Not Me Monday Stellan Style

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This is a special edition of Not Me Monday. This week it’s dedicated to STELLAN and we hope it brings the MckMama Family lots of joy to read about everyone that is lifting them in prayer..

When I first found out about Stellan’s latest trip to the hospital I did not start crying and run to share the news with my Hubby.

We have not prayed for Stellan every day since he’s been in SVT.

Hubby did not text me “PRAY” when he read that Stellan was in V-TACH.

I do not cry every time I read one of MckMama’s posts.

I did not beg Jesus to spare Stellan’s life and heal him completely.

I did not pray Ephesians 3:14-21 for the MckMama family.

I do not leave MckMama’s blog and Twitter up on my computer every night so I could easily check for updates.

I did not cry when I looked through the Stellan name gallery. It was not about the 100th time I’ve looked at the amazing pictures.

When I couldn’t sleep one night the first thing I did not do was check on how Stellan was doing. And it was not 3 in the morning.

I did not update my Facebook status to say, “Missy is praying for Stellan”.

I am not amazed at how special Stellan is and how many lives he is touching.

And I am not absolutely sure that God’s will is perfect and that He will provide perfect peace to MckMama and her family.

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