Because Girl Scout Rice Cakes Just Don’t Sound As Good

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Our weekend consisted of:

One very sick baby. One kinda sick baby. One couch bound Hubby. One busy Princess. One tired, overwhelmed mommy who ate about six years worth of Girl Scout cookies.

Belle started to get sick on Thursday. Grama Barb called me at about 11:30 am Thursday to let me know she was feverish, hadn’t eaten all day and just wanted to be held. It’s not like Belle to just want to be held. Thankfully I have a great job where they are very understanding and so I headed home (although I did have to go back at 4:00 but Hubby was home by then).

She was very very warm but unfortunately wouldn’t let us take her temperature. And she wouldn’t take any medicine. Hubby and I held her down and did everything we could but she kept spitting it out. At about 1:00 pm she got a little medicine and we tried again at about 6:00 pm but were still unsuccessful. We decided since she was so warm and lethargic to take her to Acute Care.

With the help of a nurse the three of us finally got some medicine in her. They did all the tests and it was viral so couldn’t give her anything other then over the counter Tylenol. The doctor came in at the end and after telling us what she had said “And you are bigger then her so you should be able to give her the medicine.”

And I thought, “Yes, and you’re an idiot.” (Sorry Jesus please forgive me)

Obviously we realize we are bigger then Belle but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nearly impossible to get medicine down her throat.

In addition to Belle being sick Hubby had a procedure scheduled on Friday at 4:00 pm. (I’ll elaborate on the “procedure” later this week.) Pip wasn’t as sick as Belle but was a little crabbier then he usually is – which still isn’t much because he’s never crabby. But with Hubby out of commission and Belle very sick and cranky and tired it was a long weekend.

On a positive note Hubby was able to somehow convince Belle that letting us wipe her nose and give her medicine is a good thing. We have to say “taco taco taco” while we’re wiping or administering the medicine but hey, times like these require drastic measures. I’m not sure where her love of tacos came from. She is half Hispanic but I think it has more to do with a saying Hubby and Princess always say to each other:

Hubby: I say taco, they say taco

Princess: Taco, taco, taco

Anyway, we basically hibernated for the entire weekend, not going anywhere. I stayed in sweats all weekend because I haven’t been feeling well lately (thanks to Aunt Flow) and anytime I stay in sweats I just feel icky. Anytime I feel icky I feel the need to eat enormous amounts of food that are bad for me.

Thus, the Girl Scout cookies. I really had no choice but to buy them. Our neighbors three daughters came a knocking a month ago or so and they are just so darn cute I couldn’t tell them no. Why I felt the need to buy six boxes I’m not sure. Probably because I just knew I’d have a icky weekend in which only the Peanut Butter Patty could melt away my feelings of ickyness.

The start of our week has been about the same as our weekend. One sick baby. One kinda sick baby. One couch bound Hubby who is now sick. One busy Princess. One tired, overwhelmed mommy.

And it’s a good thing I still have a box of Thin Mints left in my cupboard.



2 thoughts on “Because Girl Scout Rice Cakes Just Don’t Sound As Good

    Sarah said:
    March 24, 2009 at 8:14 am

    Hope everyone bounces back soon! Lisa did a great job on Saturday so no worries!!

    sincerelyanna said:
    March 24, 2009 at 11:10 am

    I know how you feel – we’re all dragging around here, too, and it’s not the Girl Scout cookies but it is the Cadbury eggs that is helping us through. Hope you all feel better soon! The doctor IS an idiot, by the way. There’s no need to be condescending when parents are dealing with a sick baby. It’s the worst.

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