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I’m Pretty Sure He’s Also Responsible For The Swine Flu

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Remember when I shared about my little problem with not resolving conflict with my Hubby in a timely manner and so eventually I come to blame him for everything?

Well yesterday was one of those days. And it was not pretty.

Belle and Pip had their 18 month and 4 month doctor appointments. Unfortunately Hubby was unable to come with but me being the crazy person that I am I decided to go ahead and take them by myself.

No, I am not really crazy. It’s just an expression. I’m just joking. In case you’re wondering. Ahem.

For the first three minutes we are doing pretty good. Belle is talking all nice to nurse LeAnn and we get into our room and get the babies naked so we can weigh them. Oh, the dreaded scale table. Belle did not take too kindly to it. We weighed Pip first and as soon as he was put on the scale Belle started screaming. No special book, no pointing out the animals on the paper on the scale, no nothing could calm the poor little thing.

We quickly weighed and measured Pip:

16.2 lbs – 80th percentile

25 1/2 inches – 80th percentile

Next it was Belle’s turn and oh my word the screaming. The first try we got her weighed at 20 lbs but we knew that was way off. So we had to do the whole thing again. Finally we got a good weight for Belle:

24 lbs – 50th percentile

31 inches – 30th percentile

We went back into our room and even after the nurse left Belle wouldn’t calm down. She wanted to be held but I couldn’t put Pip on the table because he’s getting so close to rolling over. So I put him in his carseat and thankfully he was having his usual happy day and was just fine.

I finally convinced Belle to sit on the chair “all my herself like a big girl” and read her books so when the doctor came in I could help him with Pip.

He (Pip, not the doctor) still has really bad eczema. We’ve tried about every kind of cream. Tried taking more baths. Tried taking less baths. It’s worse on his face but is also on his arms and legs. Doctor wants us to try one more cream before going to a prescription and then maybe testing for allergies.  Otherwise Pip is a healthy (plump) little guy!

By this time I was completely drenched in sweat. I’m not sure why but it’s just overwhelming for me when Belle is screaming at the top of her lungs. Doctor told me he just tunes it out. Um, how?

Anyway we made it through Belle’s exam – Pip sat nicely in his carseat. Belle screamed bloody murder the whole time and it was very frustrating because we had some questions for the doctor but neither of us could hear and we just tried to rush through everything so she’d settle down.

Next came their shots. We did Pip first – Belle sat in her “big girl” chair. But she was not happy about Pip getting touched by the nurses! I calmed him down after shots and got him dressed and in his carseat. But of course at this point that was the last place he wanted to be. So I’m rocking his carseat with my foot while holding Belle as she gets her shots. We quickly get her dressed and FINALLY we get to leave!

And let me tell you Hubby is in trouble because this entire ordeal is all his fault!  I’m not sure why. It just is.

Ironically when we leave the room the doctor is sitting at his desk outside the door and now Belle wants to stand there and talk to him. We talk for awhile and I finally convince her it’s time to go. Only to get outside to find that it’s raining!

And yes, the rain is Hubby’s fault too.

We make it home, Pip thankfully falls asleep and Belle and I cuddle up on the couch to watch cartoons until Hubby gets home. I did call him on the way home and chew him out. Just a little. Nothing too harsh. And by the time he got home from work I had stopped throwing myself a pity party.

Thankfully Hubby told me that I made a wonderful supper. And it’s a good thing because if I hadn’t I’m pretty sure it would have been his fault!


What I Learned This Week

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1. I learned that as soon as I reschedule my surgery I have a couple of bad days right in a row. Figures.

But unfortunately there’s just too much going on right now in our life and I was on the verge of completely losing my mind. I’m rescheduled for June 29. Things should be quieter at work and hopefully me and the kiddos can take some time and go stay with my parents for at least a week.

2. Hubby’s mom is still in the hospital and we’ve spent alot of time there the past week. I learned that Belle is probably the only one on the face of the earth that LOVES the hospital. LOVES. I think it has to do with the fact that she loves to ride the elevator. And loves to talk to people in the elevator. And loves to run out of the elevator. And run back in the elevator.

MckMama recently posted about the unspoken rules of riding in elevators. Just for the record these rules do not apply when you are accompanied with a 18 month old beautiful red head.

3. I learned that the time we’ve spent at the hospital the past week has not been good for our desire to lose weight. I can neither confirm nor deny whether the yummy, moist, amazing chocolate cake with thick rich frosting that you can find in the cafeteria has had anything to do with it.

And people say hospital food is bad. Ya, bad for weight loss.

4. I learned that when I get ticked at my husband if I do not deal with it immediately I continue to think of reason after reason as to why I should be upset with him and why he’s such an idiot (even though he’s not). On Sunday night I was irked about something – can’t really even remember what now – but within the next 30 minutes I had convinced myself that he alone was responsible for World War 2 and the return of plaid.

Oh you never do that? Guess it’s just me.

5. I learned that I love my kiddos so much. Yes I did know this before this week but it seems that each and every day the Lord reminds me to cherish these precious blessings.

Princess’s last prom. She’s beautiful! And she’s pretty beautiful on the outside too!

Belle saying “I ruff you”. And counting to 10 all by herself.

Little Pip just being the cutest, chubbiest baby in the entire world! And his laugh is to die for.

Prince. We haven’t seen him much lately. I think about him and pray for him every day. We miss him so much.

That’s what I learned this week. Honestly I learned a lot more. I guess that’s another thing I learned this week. To keep some things to myself!

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Weekend Wrap Up

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Our weekend consisted of the following:

Princess’s prom, hanging out at the hospital with Grama Barb and sleeping watching the NFL draft.

Here, let me show you (unfortunately my camera took them really small-sorry):

Princess and the Prankster:



Princess and Belle:



Princess with her mommy:


The whole family:


Princess and Prankster looked fabulous (as you can see!). And although Pip slept through the grand march he woke up just in time for a family picture!

We also spent alot of our weekend at the hospital. Grama Barb is still stuck there and the doctor is still not sure what’s going on. Her knee rehab is going well though so we’re thankful for that.

Here’s Belle pushing buttons. She actually did really good considering how long we were there. And as usually everyone we saw had to comment on her beautiful hair and now that’s she’s talking a mile a minute she really hams it up with people.


It seems that at this point Pip had lost his mind. He was sitting with his cousin Krissy and just wanted to lay back and stretch.


And as I’ve mentioned the rest of the weekend was spent watching the NFL draft:


It was riveting entertainment, let me tell ya.

Probably the best part of the weekend was Sunday night when Belle said “I love you”. She’s always “said” it before – by blowing a kiss. We say “love you” and she’ll blow a kiss and say “mwah”.  And I suppose I should be clear, she actually said, “I ruff you”. But I’m pretty sure she meant love.

Hope you had a good weekend!


7 Quick Takes Friday – Prayer Request Edition

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I’m just making up the “prayer request edition” myself. Hope that’s ok and doesn’t get me booted out of the 7 Quick Takes Friday circle!

There’s been alot going on in our life lately and because I firmly believe in the power of prayer I wanted to ask you to pray for some things.

1. Hubby’s mom Barb. She had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday of this week. Everything went really well and she was hoping to get home on Thursday. Well on Wednesday evening I believe things started going wrong. We’re not exactly sure what happened but they are now looking at her heart and she was transferred to the cardiac unit. That’s gotta be fun having just had knee replacement surgery! Please pray for healing for Barb, wisdom for doctors and for Hubby and the rest of the family.

Here’s a really bad picture of Princess and Belle 🙂 but a good one of Barb!


2. My dad Al. They had a scare Wednesday night. He woke up at 1 am screaming in pain. Mom thought he was having a heart attack. They rush to the hospital and it turns out he was having a severe muscle spasm in his back. He’s a house parent for ten middle school girls and earlier in the week they had taken them roller skating. I guess dad was a pro until he got off the rink and fell hard on his back. And he’s also been working hard on a major landscaping project so all that combined made his back revolt! He’s on bed rest now for at least three days and I imagine in some pretty intense pain.

My dad with Pip.


3. My shoulder. Hubby claims it was an accident and I suppose I believe him. The other day I was putting Belle in her car seat and Hubby was sitting in the driver’s seat with the door open. Belle’s car seat is right behind the driver’s side and when I finished buckling her up I closed the van door and then backed up a little. At that exact time Hubby shut his door. Hard. And shut my shoulder in the door. Hard. It’s continued to get worse and I’m pretty sure it’s the same shoulder that I strained right after Pip was born. It makes it very difficult to carry about Belle or Pip. Not to mention just do normal stuff.

4. My surgery. It’s coming up fast. Tuesday, April 28th. There’s a slight chance I will reschedule if Barb is still in the hospital. Hubby doesn’t need to be worrying about both of us plus take care of the babies. And although it’s a royal pain it wouldn’t be life threatening to reschedule. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime please pray that I would be able to get everything done that I need to get done before surgery. It’s real busy at work and I have some big projects I have to get finished. And then pray for a quick recovery.

5. Our Princess. Twenty-two days until she graduates. WWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Sixteen weeks until she goes to college. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But we’re ok with it. Really.

We still have alot to do before her graduation open house on May 16th. Hubby needs to finish the deck. I have some major cleaning to do. Although with my shoulder, surgery and two babies I’m thinking I might just end up doing minor cleaning. We made good progress on her scrapbooks last weekend but still have a ways to go. It’s actually good timing with my surgery because hopefully that second week I’m home I’ll be feeling good enough to get some scrap booking done. And maybe clean my windows. Or maybe I’ll just hire someone to clean my house for me.

Our beautiful Princess!


6. Belle and Pip. Pray that they would continue to be healthy. That the Lord would protect them. That we would know how to train them and teach them. That some day they would commit their lives to Jesus.

Pip “tackling” Belle! 🙂


7. Hubby. He has alot on his plate at work and is also taking on alot at home right now. With his mom being unable to care for the kids and now her not doing well, with my surgery coming up, with everything that needs to get done for Princess’s graduation. Pray that he would rest in the arms of Jesus. And pray for me too that I would be a good encouragement to him.

And this defies all logic but he would like to request that you pray for the NFL draft tomorrow. That the Patriots make good decisions and have a good draft.

p.s. PLEASE pray for me too!

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