Day: April 6, 2009

A Real Bloggy Break

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In the past I’ve claimed to take bloggy breaks but in all honestly, I probably haven’t been away from the computer for more then a day or two. Recently I committed to not getting online on the weekends and it has been such a huge blessing to me and my family. Although I love blogging, reading other blogs and keeping up with friends, lately I’ve been dealing with some major overwhelmtion (my made up word that means being way more overwhelmed then just overwhelmed).  I’ve been contemplating taking a real bloggy break for awhile but just haven’t committed to it.  Until today when on my lunch break I read Big Mama’s blog. And she’s taking the entire week off this week! Well I believe that Big Mama the Lord was speaking directly to me to remind me what He’s been trying to get through my thick head. That I need a break.

Since I totally bombed on my desire to give something up for Lent, let’s just say I’m doing this for Holy Week. No blog. No facebook. No twitter. No nothing. Well actually alot of nothing which is alot of something because it’s hugging and kissing my family more. And spending some much needed time with my first love, Jesus.

Some quick prayer requests: We met with a Realtor today and are praying about whether or not to sell our home. I don’t want to because it would be, like, alot of work. Plus we love our home. But I don’t love our big house payment and we are really really really committed to getting out of debt. Pray that we would know what to do.  Plus we have alot to do with Princess’s graduation coming up. And my job is really stressing me out lately. I’m feeling mighty inadequate and I hate that feeling. Thankfully God’s power is made perfect in my weakness.

Anywho – have a great week. I pray that YOU would reflect on the gift Jesus has given you. The gift of Himself. The gift that, when received, allows YOU to live abundantly on this earth and spend eternity with Him!