Day: April 15, 2009

I’m Pretty Sure It’s The New Scale’s Fault

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It’s actually been two weeks since we reported in to the Sisterhood. I took a bloggy break last week and so this week I was hoping I’d have a great success story to share.

If you consider it success that I haven’t eaten a whole box of cookies since I started the Sisterhood, well then, I guess I would qualify. But that’s about as successful as I get.

But I’m blaming it on the scale.

When I first started the Sisterhood I weighed in at 164. We decided to buy a new scale that was digital and when I weighed myself – that same day – it said 167. So unfortunately I had already gained 3 pounds without even being able to enjoy an extra bowl of ice cream.

Today I’m at 164 so I guess that is good because according to the new scale I’ve lost 3 pounds but it also means I’m right where I was when I started.

Hubby started at 217  and today he’s at 212.5!

I’m a little discouraged – but only because I really like to eat and this not eating thing is a bummer. And I’ve been feeling like crud and when I feel like crud I just want to eat.

But we invested in some good resources that I’d like to tell you about that have really helped us:

Eat This Not That, the restaurant version and Eat This Not That, the supermarket version

These are amazing books! I could not believe some of the calorie counts of foods that I have almost daily. Jeez, no wonder I’m not losing weight.

For example, Arby’s Market Fresh sandwich. The “Market” and the “Fresh” has always made me assume this is a healthly sandwich. Not to mention it has lettuce and tomato on it. Sorry folks, this is the absolute worst thing you can eat at Arby’s. You can eat a Super Roast Beef sandwich for 1/2 the calories as the Market Fresh.

I’m trying to memorize these books – at least the foods that we eat often – but until then I keep them in my car and so every time we venture out to eat or to the grocery store we can refer back to them.

One other “trick” I’ve started doing I learned from Monica Seles, the tennis star. I read an interview of hers recently – she’s lost like a gazillion pounds – and she said she doesn’t “diet”. She exercises and eats healthy. She’s a junk food eater – like me – and she often eats when she’s upset and/or bored – like me. So now anytime she goes for an unhealthy snack she will make herself wait 20 seconds. She’ll ask herself why she wants to eat what she’s about to eat. 9 times out of 10 it’s because she’s mad or bored and by stopping herself and thinking about it she ends up not eating it. I’ve started doing this and it really works. It also helps me to grab a healthy snack if I am in fact hungry.

Now unfortunately I can’t blame my lack of exercise on the new scale. But over the past few days I’ve been getting better – trying to go on walks each night. It’s hard though felling cruddy and it takes everything I’ve got to get moving. Thankfully Belle LOVES to be outside and I don’t want to deny her that just because I don’t feel well.

Hopefully next week I’ll have better news to report. And I hope you had a good week for those that are joining us on this weight loss adventure!