Day: April 18, 2009

Dear Emily – Updated

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Nevermind friend. I called back the third time crying and they are going to give me enough drugs to get through the weekend. Woo hoo!


Not only are you my friend, but you’re my friend who is a pharmacist. I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with the reason we are friends but today I’m thinking it’s definitely a bonus.

You see my doctor doubled my dose of drugs. The drugs that don’t really fix my problem but make it manageable and allow me to leave the house. Unfortunately since she doubled my dosage I’m out of said drugs. I called the pharmacy last night but they said it was too early to refill my prescription.  So now my problem is about ten times worse and I can’t even leave the house because, well, you know.

I did get out of church cleaning but that’s about the only good thing that has come of this.

I wasn’t very nice to the pharmacist when I called this morning.  I know the pharmacies have rules and all that, but come on, I’m not going to overdose on progesterone. I’m very close to losing my mind and poor Hubby has lost all hope for me.

So. Just in case you work today if you happen to slip a few progesterone pills in your pocket I won’t tell anyone. I promise. And I’ll love you forever and ever.

Your wacked out friend,