Day: April 30, 2009

I’m Pretty Sure He’s Also Responsible For The Swine Flu

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Remember when I shared about my little problem with not resolving conflict with my Hubby in a timely manner and so eventually I come to blame him for everything?

Well yesterday was one of those days. And it was not pretty.

Belle and Pip had their 18 month and 4 month doctor appointments. Unfortunately Hubby was unable to come with but me being the crazy person that I am I decided to go ahead and take them by myself.

No, I am not really crazy. It’s just an expression. I’m just joking. In case you’re wondering. Ahem.

For the first three minutes we are doing pretty good. Belle is talking all nice to nurse LeAnn and we get into our room and get the babies naked so we can weigh them. Oh, the dreaded scale table. Belle did not take too kindly to it. We weighed Pip first and as soon as he was put on the scale Belle started screaming. No special book, no pointing out the animals on the paper on the scale, no nothing could calm the poor little thing.

We quickly weighed and measured Pip:

16.2 lbs – 80th percentile

25 1/2 inches – 80th percentile

Next it was Belle’s turn and oh my word the screaming. The first try we got her weighed at 20 lbs but we knew that was way off. So we had to do the whole thing again. Finally we got a good weight for Belle:

24 lbs – 50th percentile

31 inches – 30th percentile

We went back into our room and even after the nurse left Belle wouldn’t calm down. She wanted to be held but I couldn’t put Pip on the table because he’s getting so close to rolling over. So I put him in his carseat and thankfully he was having his usual happy day and was just fine.

I finally convinced Belle to sit on the chair “all my herself like a big girl” and read her books so when the doctor came in I could help him with Pip.

He (Pip, not the doctor) still has really bad eczema. We’ve tried about every kind of cream. Tried taking more baths. Tried taking less baths. It’s worse on his face but is also on his arms and legs. Doctor wants us to try one more cream before going to a prescription and then maybe testing for allergies.  Otherwise Pip is a healthy (plump) little guy!

By this time I was completely drenched in sweat. I’m not sure why but it’s just overwhelming for me when Belle is screaming at the top of her lungs. Doctor told me he just tunes it out. Um, how?

Anyway we made it through Belle’s exam – Pip sat nicely in his carseat. Belle screamed bloody murder the whole time and it was very frustrating because we had some questions for the doctor but neither of us could hear and we just tried to rush through everything so she’d settle down.

Next came their shots. We did Pip first – Belle sat in her “big girl” chair. But she was not happy about Pip getting touched by the nurses! I calmed him down after shots and got him dressed and in his carseat. But of course at this point that was the last place he wanted to be. So I’m rocking his carseat with my foot while holding Belle as she gets her shots. We quickly get her dressed and FINALLY we get to leave!

And let me tell you Hubby is in trouble because this entire ordeal is all his fault!  I’m not sure why. It just is.

Ironically when we leave the room the doctor is sitting at his desk outside the door and now Belle wants to stand there and talk to him. We talk for awhile and I finally convince her it’s time to go. Only to get outside to find that it’s raining!

And yes, the rain is Hubby’s fault too.

We make it home, Pip thankfully falls asleep and Belle and I cuddle up on the couch to watch cartoons until Hubby gets home. I did call him on the way home and chew him out. Just a little. Nothing too harsh. And by the time he got home from work I had stopped throwing myself a pity party.

Thankfully Hubby told me that I made a wonderful supper. And it’s a good thing because if I hadn’t I’m pretty sure it would have been his fault!