Month: May 2009

First Day of Summer

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belle pool 09

Ok, it’s not officially the first day of summer. But after getting the pool out and spending the day in the sun it sure felt like it! And it was great!



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Even if her shirt didn’t say it…

Belle cutie 1

Belle cutie 2

Belle cutie 3

It would still be true…

Belle cutie 5

Belle cutie 4

Belle cutie 7


Princess’s Party

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Princess’s graduation party was a huge success! It was a great blessing to be able to share the responsiblities with Princess’s mom. She did all of the food, except the desserts, and so we just had to worry about getting the house ready for all the guests. We made a great team!

We had lots of pictures of Princess. And she displayed her obsession Zebra collection which turned out really cute.

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 036

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 038

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 040

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 043

And no, you aren’t imagining the next pictures. We hung up all of her artwork on the walls in our living room and dining room. It turned out so nice and allowed people to see alot of her artwork.

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 041

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 042

We had amazing food. Walking tacos, three kinds of salads, mini-desserts, punch and coffee.

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 044

It’s kinda hard to see in this picture but Princess’s mom rented a huge tent that we put up out back. Hubby finished the deck beautifully and so people were able to enjoy the nice weather outside. And that also meant the house didn’t get so crowded!

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 045

Here’s Princess with her cake, er,  I mean one of the mini cheesecakes!

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 046

Princess by the Zebra table, near the front door, ready to greet guests!

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 049

Princess with her mommy and daddy!

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 150

Princess and Prankster

Misc Family 05-16 and Holly Grad Party 156

We were blessed with many friends and family that were able to come say congrats to Princess. We were blessed with beautiful weather. And we even had leftover food to enjoy for a few days.

It was a great day!

And the tears wouldn’t come until the next day when Princess would officially graduate from high school.


Tiny Talk Tuesday and a Pip Update

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We were enjoying a pleasant family dinner with our normal entertainment (Belle). She was sharing with us what she was eating:

Belle: What’s this?

Mommy: You know what that is. What is it?

Belle: Carecut (carrot)

Mommy: Yep!

Belle: What’s this?

Mommy: You know what that is. What is it?

Belle: Broci (broccoli)

Mommy: Yep!

Belle: What’s this?

Mommy: You know what that is. What is it?

Belle: Lalaflower (cauliflower)

Mommy: Yep!

Belle: What’s this?

Mommy: That’s pork.

Daddy: It’s pig.

Mommy: Don’t say that. (Worried that she would be traumatized to realize we were eating piggies!)

Belle: MMMMMMMM, PIG! (as she stuffs a handful in her mouth)

Mommy and Daddy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Check out more tiny talk at Not Before 7.


After re-reading my post about Pip’s 5th month I realized I left out a few things and there’s also been some new developments regarding his skin. Ok, maybe “developments” is too big of a word here but we’ll go with it.

In the 5 month post I mentioned that the gross formula wasn’t really making a huge difference and so we were going to go back to regular formula. Well I was wrong.

I have an issue with this little thing called impatience.

I guess it was making a difference and I’m not sure why I didn’t notice but when we switched back to normal formal, oh my word, he got the rash/eczema back all over his body and it was alot worse. So we’re back to the icky stuff and after two days I’ve noticed it’s improved alot. There are a few barely pink spots but most everything now is just dry skin. We’ve also been doing the bath at least once a day, sometimes with baby oil, and then creme (which I can’t remember the name now) 2-3 times a day. And when I say creme I mean lots of it!

I talked to the doctor last week and we decided to stay on just formula through yesterday.  Yesterday we started oatmeal cereal since the rice cereal made him break out the first time. And so far he’s been doing great. So now we just go from there. If it doesn’t get worse we’ll introduce new foods every 4-5 days.

Considering how quickly he broke out after I went back to normal formula I’m pretty he is allergic to something in there. I guess the gross formula has a little bit of that but the proteins are smaller so break down easier. Or something like that.

And yes I do remind myself that if I would have stuck it out breastfeeding we’d probably not be in this situation. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Anyway some other things about Pip at 5 months I forgot to share:

-He’s a major blanket baby. He loves to hold a blanket and suck on a blanket and hug a blanket and chew on a blanket. Well actually any type of cloth. It doesn’t have to be a blanket. A shirt. A towel. A sock. You name it. This is very different from Belle. I don’t remember her ever doing this. It’s so interesting to see how their personalities are so similar in some ways and so different in others.

-Pip’s going blond. He’s lost almost all of his original hair. Has a really long chunk of it in the front. But all the fuzz that’s coming back in is blonde.  And it was at this point in the post I was going to share a picture of me and Hubby when we were babies so you could see what blondies we were. But that would require scanning pictures. And me getting up off the couch. Um, sorry, not gonna happen tonight.

-I already talked about how he likes to smile and laugh at Belle. But he also loves to just watch her. Back and forth, back and forth. He’ll just sit there and watch everything she does. And once in awhile something she’ll do will be funny (to Pip anyway) and he’ll laugh out loud. The other day at Grandma Barb’s they were playing together for about 30 minutes. I think this was the first time for that. Belle would give Pip all the toys and then one by one she’d take them away.

Typical girl, huh.

I think that’s it. I need to get back to the family fun. Hubby, Pip and Belle are watching videos on You Tube. Over and over and over. We’ve created a monster in Belle. If we stop she starts crying and keeps saying “idio, idio, idio”!