Princess’s Gift

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Princess is gifted in many ways. She’s a talented artist and photographer. She’s compassionate and caring. She’s organized and thinks things through.

She’s also a gifted writer and has used this gift for God’s glory writing devotionals for our church’s daily devotion. The following snippets were written for one of her writing classes and although there are a number of them and this has turned out to be a very long post I couldn’t leave any of them out. They are beautiful and a wonderful reflection of who Princess is. Enjoy.


Every week when Tuesday rolled around Princess watched her baby sister, Belle. They would usually hang out around the house and play until bedtime. She was expected to take care of her, feed her, play with her, and get her to sleep. Princess’s favorite part was always when Belle became sleepy enough to go to bed. That was always her own personal quiet time with her sister

After several hours of chasing Belle around the living room, playing with blocks, laughing together, and screaming excitedly, she was exhausted and ready for bed. Princess took her up stairs and heated her bottle up, all the while talking and giggling with Belle. After preparing her bottle she took Belle to her room and dressed her in her pajamas. Princess valued every minute spent with Belle, but her favorite part was yet to come.

After getting Belle settled down and bundled up Princess took a seat in the old, wooden rocking chair in the corner of the room. Belle snuggled into her big sister’s arms as she sucked away on her bed time bottle, with her eyes slowly drifting shut. This was what Princess looked forward to every Tuesday evening. These moments when Belle didn’t want to be any place other than in her sister’s arms, when Belle snored softly as she was rocked, and when Belle snuggled her little body into her neck, are what Princess cherished. These were the moments Princess found pure joy in

Belle quickly fell asleep to the rocking motion, but Princess continued to hold her in her arms long after the little eyes were sealed shut. Princess used the time to think about what her own children would be like, and the life that Belle would live. She prayed that her sister would spend her life seeking God’s will, and would experience few heart breaks. Belle meant the world to Princess. Princess so desired that their bond would remain strong even after Princess left for college the next year.

The hardest part of the evening would be after about thirty minute of rocking. Princess stood up from her cozy place in the corner with Belle and gracefully carried her over to her crib. She placed her on her side and watched her curl up and pull the blanket over her own head. She blew her a kiss and quietly exited the room

Princess then carried on with her day dreams of having her own family in several years. She anxiously waited for next Tuesday to repeat the evening’s rituals of holding her sister close. She dreamed one day of retelling these fond memories to Belle at an age where she could remember them forever.


Seeing Color

Yellow is morning sun greeting waking eyes.

Orange is breakfast with family gathered around the wooden table.

Red is scurry of children and parents scarmbling to get ready.

Violet is laughter of friends riding to school on a brisk morning.

Indigo is long class periods of anxious students waiting to bolt out the door.

Blue is rushing out of school for the weekend.

Green is picnics with friends in the plush park near the creek.

Magenta is late night phone calls of laughter and tears.

Brown is lazy mornings that bleed into the afternoon.

Navy is Sunday night, knowing tomorrow comes another moment of Yellow.


Where Am I From?

I’m from musty, fall leaves and rich, hot chocolate.

And fresh, lilac bushes over flowing, with globs of purple,

Surrounded by towering, oak trees on hot, sunny days.

I’m from zooming cars rushing on the interstate late at night,

And video games beeping hours past dusk.

I’m from fresh, juicy, crisp apples.

From Mom’s soft, fragile fingers stroking my hair,

Curled up in thick, padded quilt.

I’m from large family meals of laughter and loud voices.

From endless, savory turkey dinners,

Met by fresh, chocolately, melted cookies.

I’m from clicking high heels on the cold, hard, wooden floor.

From the firm, solid, towering cross,

And the gentle, soothing hand of my Savior.

I’m from dew covered grass and fresh rain puddles.

Accompanied with smoky, grilled hot dogs topped with drops of ketchup and spicy mustard,

And sweet, juicy fruit salads.

I’m from lazy, Saturday mornings.

And plates of doughy, hot doughnuts,

And Mom’s click of a camera on the first day of school.

I’m from home,

Soothing, welcoming home.


The Perfect Present

If you gave me the perfect present I would ask for contentment.

Contentment, I believe, holds the key to success in a variety of aspects of life.

While being content with where I will attend school, I will be able to settle in, and dig in, and experience my education to the fullest.

If I am content with my family, I will learn to love them even more.

If I am content with my future, God will bless me where I am.

While possessing contentment I will be at peace with wherever God places me.


One thought on “Princess’s Gift

    Jean said:
    May 13, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    “Color, origin, and present” show such a talent for painting a picture with words. I certainly hope you work on that more in college. What a gift you have! Jean

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