Weekend Wrap Up

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Lucky you, you’re going to get the short version of the weekend.

Hubby (with a little help from me and Belle) did all the landscaping on Saturday. Have I ever mentioned that he’s amazing?

Unfortunately I’m not so smart and forgot to take a picture before hand. This is what it looked like end of day Saturday (just imagine it without the plants if you want to know what it looked like before). Hubby planted 26 shrubs/trees/flower bushes, took a 3 hour break in the afternoon and was done by supper time. Ya. Amazing.

House 1

house 2

I got the laundry room cleaned out, new rugs and new shelf put up.  Ok, ok, Hubby put the shelf up. 

Pip woke up at 2 am on Saturday night and for the first time since he was born he preferred to chat until 4 am instead of go back to sleep. (Yawn)

We had a family reunion – Hubby’s mom’s family – which included lots of yummy food, fun times with family and face painting.

Grama and Pip

belle on seesaw

Belle face painting

Hubby got the Jeep ready for Jeep Camp/Vacation. ONLY TWO MORE DAYS! Not that I’m excited or anything.

Hubby and Jeep

And best of all – Princess came home from her two week trip to AZ! (here she is with her cousin)

Princess and E



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