Day: June 16, 2009

Ok, So I Lied

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My blog vacation that is actually work will start after our vacation. The real vacation. The one I’m on right now.

Yet why is vacation so tiring. See, I’m so tired this blog post is making no sense at all. Ok, let me start over…

Hi all. We are on vacation now. I decided to blog through my vacation and then I’ll be away for awhile getting the house ready to put on the market. Whew. That made alot more sense.

We drove just two hours today – to my parents house. Well actually we are at a hotel. They live on the Missouri river and they rent their house out during the summer – not the whole summer, just when people want to rent it – obviously. Anyway so they are staying on their boat and we were going to stay on the boat with them but then my dad had to give the renters (of the house) a boat right from 7-9 pm. Well that didn’t work well for the babies bedtimes so we decided to just get a hotel room.

Goodness this blog post is probably the worst thing I’ve ever written. I’m extremely sorry but I’m going to continue to ramble on.

We actually only made it an hour when we had to stop and get the tires aligned on the Jeep. Something about something making the front tires warp and since the tires are so big they can’t be aligned the normal way so they had to put some special powder in the tires to help get them aligned. Supposedly we are not going to die driving the Jeep with not so good aligned tires.

Belle always does pretty good driving but Pip does not like to be in the carseat for more than an hour. He slept the first hour. We stopped to get the tires aligned and he ate and then thankfully made it for 45 minutes before screaming his poor little head off the last 15 minutes of the trip.  We stopped to see my brother Jim and his wife Leana (they were working) and my dad, Papa. And then we stopped and saw Grama Susie (she was working) and then we went and saw my sister, Aunt Nellie (she was working). We ate at both my mom’s restaurant and my sister’s restaurant and then right when we got back to the hotel me and Belle went swimming.

She loved it. We had a blast. And then 15 minutes after we got done swimming she threw up all over the bedspread and on the floor and on herself.

Note to self: Do not feed 20 month old cruddy food all day and then take swimming and bounce up and down in the water and sit in the hot tub if you do not want to get spewed on.

She was so upset after throwing up but has finally fallen asleep. Pip is asleep. And I do believe that is my cue to end this insanely random worthless post. Night.

p.s. On Thursday I get to see one of my best friends from college Trixie. We haven’t seen each other in probably 10 years and she lives near where Jeep Camp is. I will definitely blog about our reunion and I’m pretty sure it will include pictures from college. You don’t want to miss it.


A Summer Vacation Which Involves Alot of Work

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We leave today for our short family vacation to Jeep Camp! Remember our adventure last year? I was 3 months pregnant and very sick so wasn’t able to go along with Hubby on the Jeep trails. But this year my mom, dad and sister are all coming along and so between all of us there will be plenty of babysitters so hopefully I can go out on the trails with Hubby at least one day (hopefully if I’m feeling better – same old problem I’ve been dealing with is back).

But that’s not the point of this post so I’m not sure why I just told you that.

Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know that I’ll also be a little absent from blog world for the next few weeks. (And the 3 readers I have are thinking thank you it’s about time!) We are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market (WHOLE nother post that I’m not sure I want to try to tackle right now). We have already completed two of the projects from our list – landscaping and the the laundry room. I’m still amazed that we got both of these completely done last weekend. It’s really a miracle and I’m sure it’s thanks to the many praying for us. There hasn’t been a weekend in a very long time that me or Hubby or one of the babies wasn’t sick and this weekend went so well! We still have to paint, redo alot of trim (ick), alot of cleaning, sorting and who knows what else. My dad is coming after our vacation to help us with paint and trim and hopefully the babies will cooperate again or I’ll get alot of practice using by sling and wrap!

We’d appreciate your prayers as we work hard to get the house ready as quickly as we can and also that the right buyer would come along.

And yes, I know I talk a big talk but I’ll probably be back blogging way too often even though I should be sleeping or cleaning or sleeping. Thank you and have a nice day.