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Would you join me in praying for:

1. David, Kristin and their baby L.  They go to our church and we got to spend 10 Tuesday nights with them in our Bradley childbirth classes. L. is a month older than Pip and they have become good friends. Baby L. has a severe condition that is life threatening and yesterday was a really hard day for all of them. Please pray for healing for L. and also peace, wisdom and calm hearts for David and Kristin.

2. Adrienne, Jim and Owen, Miss A and Braxton. Adrienne and Jim are hoping to adopt Braxton and the process could take about a week. Miss A is also having some complications from the birth. You can check out their blog here.

3. For those of you that were April Rose readers I wanted to direct you one last time to her blog. Beccah (April’s Mom) has written an apology post.  If you know my story you know that in the past I made some very big mistakes.  You know that I lied and misled people. You know that Jesus got a hold of me, forgave me and brought hope and healing.  And so while there are other blogs still saying that this last post of April Rose is insincere and full of lies there is no way for me to know that for sure. I must take her at her word. I must take anyone at their word that asks for forgiveness. Because God has forgiven me – time and time again – and He commands me to offer that forgiveness to others.

4. And last but certainly not least – Little Pip is 6 months old today! Of course I wasn’t on the ball and so don’t have his 6 month post done so stay tuned!

Off to get the babies ready, get myself ready, packed up and hit the road!



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