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Belle had started calling our little cabin in the woods “home” this past week. Although vacation was wonderful I’d have to say I’m glad we are on our way back to our real home.

Only 5 hours to go.

Pip decided that since we started this vacation with puking (Belle at the hotel the first night) we should end the vacation with puking. He woke up at about midnight, threw up 2 times really bad and then dry heaved the rest of the night.

Sorry for the gorey details.

Anyway he was all clammy and warm and poor guy was completely miserable. Every time I’d lay him down he’d start puking again so I held him all night. He finally fell asleep at 530 and slept til 730. Now he seems to be better but just in case I’m smashed in the back all ready to clean up any…well you know.

Did I mention we have 5 hours to go? My legs are already screaming in pain. But I did purchase another day of web access on my phone.

Yes reality is only 5 hours away too.


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