Let the Recap Begin

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This week I’ll be neck deep in house cleaning and sorting and throwing and cleaning (getting our house ready to put on the market) and so will be away from blog land.  But I have put together a post for each day this week for you recapping our vacation last week. Aren’t you a lucky duck?

You already know about our little adventure with Belle at our first stop.  She recovered just fine and the next morning (Wednesday 9/17) we were on the road by 9:00 am.  And by 9:11 am Belle and Pip were fast asleep and slept for two hours.

Angel sleeping

Now that’s what I call traveling well. Don’t worry Pip would remind us on the way home to not take two sleeping babies for granted.

We stopped in Wall Drug again this year. Here’s our stop from last year. It was fun this year because Belle loves to look at everything and point and tell us what everything is. And oh how times have changed:

Last year:


This year:

Misc Family 06-22-09 045

We walked around Wall Drug some more seeing the sights.  We were trying to waste time because my parents, my sister and Princess and Prankster had all left after us and were about 30 minutes away. We grabbed lunch and Belle and Pip sat patiently waiting for the rest of the family.

Misc Family 06-22-09 048

Ya, if you believe that one, you’re off your rocker!  It wasn’t too long though and everyone made it there.

My mom and dad.

Misc Family 06-22-09 049

My sister (Aunt Nellie).

Misc Family 06-22-09 052

And Princess and Prankster.

Misc Family 06-22-09 053

Ok, ok, if you insist. Here’s me and Hubby.

Misc Family 06-22-09 050

After we all finished lunch we walked around a little more. Aunt Nellie decided to have Belle ride on a little merry-go-round. Well Princess didn’t want to be left out so her and Pip jumped on.  Things were going just fine with just Belle on it.

Misc Family 06-22-09 058

But then when Princess and Pip got on, it didn’t quite come to complete stop – but almost.

Misc Family 06-22-09 059

I think Princess thought it was Pip’s fault so she handed him off to Aunt Nellie.

Misc Family 06-22-09 060

But that didn’t really make a difference and poor Princess will never live down the fact that she stopped Belle’s merry-go-round ride. But we got a good laugh out of it.

After that good laugh we were on the road again. We only had about two hours to go to get to our cabin. I was thinking I’d have a nice relaxing evening. But Hubby had other plans!



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