Month: July 2009

Cutest patient ever

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Pip at Derm

At least that’s what the nurse said to Pip – that he was the cutest patient ever. And I’d have to agree with her!

We had an appointment with dermatology today and I think it went well. Unfortunately we don’t have any more answers but we did get a different skin care regime to follow. We’re also going to not introduce any more new foods for 30 days and see how the flare ups are. So Caleb will have the joy of eating carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, bananas and rice for the next month. That’s all he’ll eat anyway so it’s not too big of deal – I just feel bad he won’t get more variety. I had a nice talk with a friend the other day and she encouraged me not to stress out about it. Caleb obviously isn’t starving and he’ll be just fine even though he’s not interested in eating alot of baby/people food. He’s eating 5-7 bottles a day so he’s definitely getting plenty.

His skin does seem to be better lately. We switched back to regular Soy formula about two weeks ago and so far it hasn’t made it worse. I’m praying the rice doesn’t make it worse and it’s just normal eczema and not an allergy we’re dealing with. And until we know for sure he’ll just have to keep being the cutest patient ever!


Show us your life

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Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner has been doing a weekly carnival for people to show off each room in their house. She’s now expanded it to include other things and this week it’s “wedding party and flowers/ceremony”. And for the first time I’m going to participate and share a little bit about me and Pat’s wedding.

We have been married for 6 1/2 years – we were married on New Years Eve in 2002! I love having New Years Eve as our anniversary. Now granted it isn’t the greatest that we have to wait 2 hours for a table when we go out to eat to celebrate but I still love having this day as our special day. Plus Hubby will never forget our anniversary and that’s gotta count for something!

Hubby and I weren’t married under the best of circumstances – you can read more about that here. But I loved our wedding and I love looking back at our pictures. However, I just realized our pictures are packed away because we have our house on the market and so I can only show you the two that I have on my computer! (Bummer!) And since I don’t have pictures to show I’m going to break the rules (are there rules to show us your life?) and tell you a little more about our wedding than just the bridal party and flowers.

Our wedding and reception were both at a hotel. I was actually up until 4:00 AM the night before decorating. Man, that was not fun. Thankfully our wedding wasn’t until 7:00 pm on New Years Eve so I was able to get some rest before the wedding. I loved my colors. Dark blue and silver. It was Christmasy but not too Christmasy that it was cheesy or anything.

Following the ceremony we had hor duevres for everyone and then had a dance. It was really simple but so beautiful and so much fun.


Princess (Pat’s daughter) was my maid of honor and my sister was my bridesmaid. Prince (Pat’s son) was his best man and his friend Shon was his groomsmen. Honestly I can’t remember what song we danced to first but I do know that this is my favorite picture of all of them.


The past 6 1/2 years have been quite a journey for us. Heart changes, faith commitments, infertility, teenage rebellion, adult children, miracle babies. Most importantly though the past 6 1/2 years have brought us closer together. Our love and commitment has grown and continues to grow with each new day. And that’s something to smile about!

pat and missy


A little bit about grace

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Although my hubby reads my blog (I think. Hubby? Hello?) he has often made fun of me for blogging and reading other blogs. What I’ve tried to express to him is that the blog world is such a great encouragement to me and others, especially women and moms. It’s this amazing network of people that encourage and uplift one another.

Well most of the time anyway.

I’m not sure why I’ve just noticed lately, because I’m sure this has been happening since forever, but it seems that there are alot of situations on blogs that create tension and arguments over opinions and statements made. And I’ve been asking myself lately, is there no grace to be given in this wide world of blogs?

I think the reason I’ve noticed this more lately is because I was directly impacted by this lack of grace. Now please keep in mind, I’m preaching to myself here. Every day I ask God to help me to offer grace to others. And so I’m not sharing this to complain about anyone but just so you know where I’m coming from.

There is a blog that I read that is beautifully written by a young woman whose son was stillborn. She has shared so eloquently and honestly about the journey she has been on. I’m usually not a big commenter on blogs but one day she posted something that really hit home to me. It made me take a step back and realize that there are many times throughout the day that I am not thankful for my children and don’t cherish every single second.

And so I told her this. I said “Thank you for helping me realize the importance of not taking my children for granted…” or something like that. I know I thanked her but I can’t remember the exact words. I was really touched by her post. She really did help me and I wanted to sincerely thank her.

A few days later I was reading another post of hers and the comments that people had left. I noticed someone had apologized for a comment they had left on the previous post. Hhhmm, very very interesting. I go back to that last post – the one I had commented one – to see why she apologized.

She had left the same type of comment as me, thanking her – only was specific in talking about “whiny kids”. Well after her comment, and after my comment, someone else had left a comment chewing both of us out for being insensitive (and frankly stupid) for leaving the comments that we did.

I was so taken aback by her comment I started crying. How in the world did she interpret my comment to be insensitive and mean and inappropriate? Is that how the author of the blog felt? I was THANKING her. Isn’t that what her blog was always about? Helping other moms appreciate their babies? And then after being hurt for awhile I got mad. And yes I was embarrassed. Why couldn’t she have just emailed me? Why did she have to call me out in front of the entire world – especially for something that wasn’t blatantly mean or insensitive.

Well I did leave another comment apologizing – but honestly it probably wasn’t a very sincere apology. I didn’t exactly know what I was apologizing for. I know that I can’t understand this blogger’s pain but I was just trying to thank her for saying something that touched me.

To top it off a few days later I received word that someone had completely misunderstood a blog post that I had written. They didn’t come to me unfortunately but went to someone else who came to me. It was like the blog world was crumbling right before my eyes. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration!

Ever since this happened to me I’ve noticed that this happens all the time on other people’s blogs. Especially the big blogs. They are chewed out all the time. People take offense to what they write or what a commenter says and another comment is left that is cruel and harsh.  Just yesterday I was reading a blog I read every day and someone totally freaked out over something that blogger had said in her post.  It’s got me asking – is there no grace in the blog world today? Can we not put ourselves in other people’s shoes and not take things so personally? I know, I know. When you write for the public you need to expect to be critiqued. And people will disagree. I’m not saying that’s not ok. But can’t we critique and disagree in a kind and loving way?

And I think I can say with 100% assurance that this lack of grace applies in the “real” world too – not just the blog world. Every day we are faced with situations – do we offer grace? Or do we react harshly and with unkind words? I KNOW there are situations that don’t apply to this. That need to be addressed with stern words. But there are so many others that can be handled with grace and a realization that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and it’s ok to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

After all, haven’t we ourselves been offered that same grace and forgiveness? Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so that we can be forgiven when we commit our lives to Him – and we deserved the punishment! We don’t even deserve to receive grace or forgiveness from this holy, perfect, loving God but He offers it anyway!  I will never forget the day I came crawling back to Him. After wandering in my sin and shame for a year and 1/2, feeling like the scum of the earth, making choices that hurt Him and everyone else in my life. And yet He welcomed me with open arms and told me He loved me and forgave me and made me whole. He said the past is gone – as far as the east is from the west – and He offered me a new start. A new day. A new hope.

Whether it’s the blog world or my world or your world. Can we not offer this same grace to others? Ironically, it’s only by God’s grace that we can.


I finally got a brain and went to bed

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Although the past few weeks I’ve felt amazing I’m still pretty tired. Partly because Pip is still getting up during the night most nights. Partly because I have yet to break open the Slim in 6 box of exercise videos (but I’m still recovering from my surgery, right?). And partly because I have this problem with staying up late doing really important stuff like reading blogs and facebook.

But last night I got a brain and went to bed at 10:00 pm. Impressive, huh. Thankfully I was even able to fall asleep right away. Nice.

I’m not sure where I was going with this. (See? Still not enough sleep).

Oh ya. Although I stay up all night reading blogs that’s all I’ve been doing lately. As my blog buddies know I’m a really crummy blog commenter and replier to other people’s comments. And I also have ALL THIS STUFF in my head that I’ve been wanting to share with you. But I stay up til 11 pm or 11:30 or midnight reading blogs and facebook and then I’m finally tired and then I go to bed.

However my early to bed last night has caused me to be early to rise today – well actually it was Pip that was early to rise but now he’s back to sleep – and so I thought it perfect timing to share something that’s been on my heart lately. Well, one of the things that has been on my heart.

warning: this is a long post with no pictures so prepare yourself.

You may have read awhile back that I’m in a Bible study with a couple of girlfriends and we are doing Beth Moore’s Summer Siesta Bible study from her blog. The book we are using is Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild. It’s so great. And God’s Word is pretty awesome too.

We’re cleaning out our thought closets and it’s been so much fun!

Your thought closet is what you think about day in and day out. Stop right now. Obviously you are reading this. But think about as you go through the day – you are thinking and talking to yourself. And alot of the time you are not talking nice things. You are worrying or calling yourself names. That’s your thought closet. And that’s what we’ve been cleaning out – reminding ourselves to meditate on God’s Word and His promises!

One thing that has impacted my life greatly the past few weeks as we’ve been doing this study is leaving my worry with the Lord. I know we always hear, “Don’t worry blah blah blah” but that doesn’t change the fact that I worry like crazy. It takes over my thought life and effects so much of me. What this study has done though, is it has given me an alternative to worrying.

First we talked about the what ifs in our life. These are the concerns and worries we have that often consume our thought closet. For me it’s especially true when I’m driving. I think about all the what ifs.

What if I never get to be a stay at home mom?
What if one of my children or Pat get sick or die?
What if I lose my job?
What if we can’t pay our bills?
What if we lose our house?
Etc, etc, etc.

As the author of the study said: “When we worry (what ifs), we choke out the life-giving truth that should be filling our thought closets.”

What are your what ifs?

On second thought don’t answer that. Let’s just get to the good stuff and not even give our what ifs one more thought!

The good stuff are the what is. These are the truths from God’s Word. Phillipians 4:8 reminds us what our thoughts should focus on. None of these are what ifs. They bring us back to thinking about God and His promises. And when I focus on the what is, the burden of things going on in my life – things that I can’t control anyway – are lifted and I am at peace.

What is: God has called me to my job and He will provide if it’s His will for me to stay home. God has equipped me to be a good mom whether I have to work outside the home or not.

What is: God alone numbers our days. I can trust in His will and timing. Do not fear for God will never leave me nor forsake me.

What is: God will provide. Trust in Jesus – He is always with me.

What is: God cares for and provides for the birds of the air. How much more will He care for me, His child?

What is: God cares for and provides for the birds of the air. How much more will He care for me, His child? God is faithful.

Probably the most frustrating thing is that every single day my thoughts wander back to the what ifs. It really is something that I have to surrender to the Lord daily. But since doing this study I have noticed that I’m so much more aware of my thought closet. I’m aware of when I start worrying or thinking about things that really just cause me stress and are burdensome. I can then refocus my thoughts to Jesus, His love and the promises of His Word.

And whether it’s a sleepless or sleep filled night – that’s a great way to start any day!