Belle – 20 months

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Belle is 20 months (will be 21 months on July 24), although I still struggle as to what to say when people ask how old she is. Should I say one and 1/2 or 20 months? I suppose when she hits two – which is coming up way too fast! – it’ll be easier to just say that she’s 2.

I know I’m probably a little biased – although other people have said this to me too – but Belle is so smart. Her vocabulary is amazing. She’s saying 3 and 4 word sentences and her enunciation is really great too. It’s very rare that we can’t understand what she’s saying. Not only does she repeat everything we say (seriously, everything) but she also remembers. I’m tempted to say she has a photographic memory but that might be pushing it. We’ll be going through flashcards and we’ll talk about something for the first time – me telling her what it is. And then the next day she’ll remember.

She has just the sweetest little voice. I love to hear her talk. And talks she does. All day long. To herself. To whoever wants to listen. She says “hi mommy” or “hi daddy” or hi whoever about 100 times a day. And then everything you say she repeats. For example tonight we were outside working on the yard and there was a bucket that the dog poo was being put into. She of course went to check it out and I said, “Don’t touch that Belle it’s ucky. It’s the dog poop.” And she said, “dog poop”. That’s pretty much our life. We say something and she repeats the last 1, 2 or 3 words.

What is not sweet is her attitude sometimes. She has officially reached the terrible twos. Although she does pretty well with obeying she is more and more challenging what we say and wanting to do her own thing. You will often hear her say ‘NO NO NO NO’. Goodness, I hope she didn’t learn that from me.

She does not like to stop what she’s doing to do something else. In particular she does not like to come inside. She absolutely loves to be outside. I finally remembered something I read on my friend Anna’s blog – the two minute warning – and we’ve been doing that lately. It has worked so well! I almost can’t believe it. When I remember to do that – we say “2 minutes…” and then “1 minute …” and then when it’s time she comes in or does what we’ve asked. I know at some point she just needs to obey but her personality is definitely one that it disturbs her greatly to make fast changes.

The only other major problem we have is changing her diaper. She kicks hard – not that she’s mad or anything, it’s like she’s playing a game. Thankfully she understands that mommy has an owie so she hasn’t kicked for me since my surgery but I suppose I can’t use that excuse for long. We’ve tried time out, talking to her softly, warning her, etc, etc but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? I suppose if I potty trained her we wouldn’t have to worry about it, huh! She is definitely ready and hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll find a weekend to get that started.

She goes to bed and nap time so easily. In fact last night she laid down in bed, we prayed, gave kisses, etc and then she said “GO!” and pointed to the door. Goodness, why don’t you just stab me in the heart! I think it definitely helps that we have a good routine but I also think it’s partially her personality because she’s the same way for nap time too. She’s not always taking a morning nap – depends how early she wakes up. But she’s still taking a 1 1/2 – 2 hour afternoon nap. And sometimes if she misses her morning nap it’s more like a 3 hour nap.

Belle loves to eat. And she loves to eat anything and everything. It’s hard to list her favorites because she really will eat anything. But I suppose if I had to list a few favorites they would be:

tomatoes, cucumbers, cottage cheese, noodles, chicken noodle soup, cantaloupe, watermelon, and pretty much anything sweet!

Every once in awhile she’ll be a stinker and not eat what we give her but usually she does really well for her age.

Belle is a great helper with Pip. She loves to talk to him and play with him and finally a few weeks ago she held him for the first time. The other day in the car I also heard her say, “Hi Caleb, hi Caleb, hi Caleb, I love you”. How sweet is that! And Pip absolutely loves her too. She’ll give him toys when I ask or when he starts fussing and I can’t quite get to him right away she’ll go over and talk to him. She also shares pretty good. Sometimes she doesn’t like to share – depending on what it is – but most of the time if we ask her she will share. Often times she’ll share without being asked. For example the other day we were having a snack. She was eating some Pringle chips. I wasn’t really paying attention and she comes over with a chip and says, “here mommy”. What a sweety.

Although she is kind of a tomboy and loves to be outside and get dirty she is also a girly girl. She loves to have “pretties” in her hair and wear jewelry and put chap stick on her lips and play with her purses. When Aunt Nellie comes she will let Belle play with her makeup and Belle thinks she’s hot stuff! She continues to love to read and is alot better at sitting and being read to. We can almost get through a whole book now! Usually she prefers to sit and read them herself.

Here are a few recent pictures of our precious baby girl Belle.

She would wear these glasses 24/7 if we let her. She thinks she’s pretty cool!
wearing glasses

I know this is blurry but I think that kinda adds to the picture. I love her face. This is one of her favorite things to do – play monster with Aunt Nellie.
belle playing monster

Eating popcorn with mommy. I finally got her to look at the camera! We’ve both got some nice bed head going on, huh!
eating popcorn with mommy

Getting ready to go somewhere! She’s obviously excited about it. She wears that hat pretty much all the time too.
in car

Checking out the inside of a “pop” on 4th of July. (Don’t worry it was perfectly safe-it had already popped).
playing with pops

Reading – with Elmo looming over her!

And swinging at her cousin’s house. Love the look on her face, she’s trying not to smile!

I can’t believe in 3 short months Belle will be 2 years old. She is such a big girl and as much as I love to see her grow up and change my heart also aches to realize how fast time goes by. As we mourned with our friends David and Kristin when they recently lost their 8 month baby girl of course it made us think of our babies. Angel and their daughter share the same birthday and I know October 24th will always be a very special day for us. Since Lael went to be with Jesus there hasn’t been a tantrum or a running nose or a hug or a kiss or a middle of the night wake up call by a crying baby that hasn’t made me think of Lael. I pray that I never forget and never take our miracle babies for granted or forget what blessings they are.



2 thoughts on “Belle – 20 months

    Teri said:
    July 7, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Missy – what a great post for Belle! She is so adorable & definitely growing up! I like that you’re using the “2 minute warning” – I also use this with my preschoolers & it’s usually really effective…sometimes I will actually set a kitchen timer to be the count-down and they love that…or I will say “one more song” from their favorite songs & then we clean up.

    Maybe to prevent kicking you can give Belle a big stuffed animal and see if she can “hug it with her feet” while you’re changing her to prevent the kicking? Let us know what works!! 🙂

      Missy said:
      July 7, 2009 at 10:48 am

      You are so smart! Thanks for the great ideas!

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