I thought Jed was a millionaire

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Let me tell you that I’m relaxing so much I can’t even remember what day it is. Thanks for your concern though. I have to agree with Anna – being a mom, it’s hard to relax. I have a wonderful family helping out but sometimes a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Ok, I suppose flailing in the water on that raft wasn’t a required mom duty. But I have started asking people to pick up Pip for me instead of just waiting for someone to offer and then doing it myself. He’s borderline on weight – 19 pounds and my limit is 20. But he likes to be held and I think that’s taken a toll on me.

And let me get completely honest with you blog world. I’m not sure what my pain is. Although I’m been going to the bathroom every day – if you know what I mean – the extreme pain I’m having is like the kind of pain you get when you need to go to the bathroom really bad but can’t – if you know what I mean. I’m been downing Fiber One bars like they are pain pills (and not taking my pain pills because they make this problem worse). If it’s not any better by Monday morning I’ll probably call the doctor. It comes in waves and sometimes it’s about as bad as labor pains. Seriously. And I don’t think that’s suppose to be happening.

Ok, enough of that don’t ya think! If you’ve read my last two posts you would know that we are at my parent’s house – well actually boat. They are renting their house out this weekend and so we are spending most of our time on their boat. It’s a big boat with 3 bedrooms and bathroom and kitchen and such and Belle is sleeping on the boat with them at night but my dad was able to get me, Hubby and Pip a free hotel room.

Why you ask. Well I’ll tell you. There’s big races here this weekend – these special type of speed boats and my dad is helping out and so got a free hotel room – we thought at the resort where the marina and boat races are. But it turns out our free hotel room is at Jed’s.

Now I have to admit I was a little upset about this. I was upset that we couldn’t walk 200 yds to our room and that I couldn’t be close to Belle in case she had a bad night. And maybe I was a little upset that were we staying at a hotel that had some guys name on it instead of the word “resort”. I’m not spoiled at all. Really.

It turned out to be not so bad. Not your four start hotel by any means but sufficient for a good nights rest. And thankfully the beds weren’t wet with urine.

Oh wait, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time me and Hubby stayed at a hotel. It was really cheap and was probably named Bob’s or Joe’s. We brought our stuff in the room and layed down on the bed and noticed we felt a little damp. I asked Hubby if he was perspiring and he said no. We jump off the bed. Hubby smells the bed. The bed is wet with urine. The end.

So ya. Jed’s is pretty nice as far as we’re concerned.


Notice our little Pippy crashed on the bed over there. Isn’t he cute!

Anyway, I have alot of other great things to tell you and show you and we still have a whole nother day left here at the river. And hopefully when we head home tomorrow night I can honestly say I feel rested and relaxed.



One thought on “I thought Jed was a millionaire

    sincerelyanna said:
    July 11, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Ew about the nightmare hotel story. Sorry about the pain, I hope it goes away soon.

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