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I’ve been trying so hard to get my pictures loaded and resized and all that to continue sharing with you about our family vacation, Jeep camp and our recent trip to my parents. Some day.

For now you get a completely random, probably very uninteresting list.

1. My house is so stinkin’ clean it feels like a museum. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Of course the one day that I let things go and decided to take a break with the cleaning was the same day a Realtor showed up at my door with people to look at the house. Thankfully the kids were sleeping so I was able to stall them for about 10 minutes while I ran around the house like a mad woman shoving things in closets and under beds. Very classy.

2. Yesterday morning I woke up and felt like myself. That’s good in case you were wondering. Although I’m still having a little pain it’s nothing like it was. Woo hoo, praise the Lord!

3. If I’m completely honest I’ll admit that the reality of never conceiving a child again has been hard. Granted it was unlikely I’d ever be able to again, let alone that we’d even try to conceive a child. But even when I endured many years of infertility there was always that hope. Now that hope is gone. It’s 100% guaranteed that I will never conceive and carry a child again. And that makes me sad.

4. God is so faithful. These past few weeks have been hard as we’ve put our house on the market and honestly struggle to keep our head above water. But God has been so faithful providing for our needs. I love how when we release our burdens to Him, when we finally swallow our pride and surrender all our needs He is faithful to provide. Every single time.

5. Angel said today: “I don’t know what that is” when I asked her a question about something in a book. She also said, “ooooooooo chocolate” as she picked out the chocolate chips out of some banana bread some good friends gave us. She’s so amazing.

6. Two friends and I (hi Emily and April) are doing the summer siesta Beth Moore Bible study. Tonight was our second meeting and I’m so thankful we decided to do this study. The study is really great and it’s been so timely. But I think my favorite part is the time we have together every other week. I laughed so hard tonight I thought I maybe busted out some stitches. The biggest thing for me has been realizing that I am not the only person that …

Ok I won’t share our secrets but I’ve learned I’m not alone. I’m not the only one struggling with what I struggle with. My fears and doubts and assumptions are not unique to me. It is such a blessing to share with good friends, laugh, pray and be encouraged.

7. Hubby and I watch the Tour de France. Every single stage. We watch it every year whether Lance races or not. And some day our dream is to travel to France and watch it live and in person.

8. My favorite tv shows are: The Next Food Network Star, Chopped and Top Chef Masters. Hhhmm, interesting how they all revolve around food. It’s a good thing that while I was high on pain pills last week I ordered the Slim in 6 video set. That’s right you heard it here first. In 6 weeks I’ll be slim.

And on that ridiculous statement we’ll end our list.



3 thoughts on “A List

    Princess said:
    July 18, 2009 at 11:10 am

    you make me laugh. I’m glad to hear belle’s love for chocolate is evident =) she is gonna be just like her big sister =P now we just need to get her a few more pairs of shoes!

      Missy said:
      July 18, 2009 at 8:16 pm

      oh don’t worry the love of shoes has begun. she’s starting putting mine on and trying to walk in them. And by the way if you kidnap her you could at least let her sleep in your bed and not the closet. naughty sister! 🙂

    Princess said:
    July 18, 2009 at 11:11 am

    oh- and if you notice her missing around august 22…dont worry- she’s safe. I will be keeping her in a closet most likely far away.. hehe

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