Little Pip – 7 months old and 6 month doctor visit

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Because of my surgery we’re a little behind on Caleb’s well baby visits. He just had his 6 month check up on Monday and he is 7 months today!

pip eating 2

His doctor appointment was pretty uneventful. He’s 17.8 pounds which is 50th percentile (down from 90th percentile at 4 month check up) and his length is also in the 50th percentile, also down from 90th at his 4 month. His head is still in the 90th percentile which is very evident in the some of the pictures below.

We talked alot about his eczema but I’m so frustrated because I forgot to ask about getting into an allergist. His skin has been really great lately – every once in awhile he’ll have an outbreak but nothing too serious. So I’m thinking that since he’s still have minor outbreaks it must not have anything to do with what he eats – must just be regular eczema and the heat or something makes it worse. We started him back on rice – because he is going down on the weight chart and will not eat baby food – and the day after his doctor appointment he broke out really bad again. UG!

There are so many factors though and for the life of me I can’t determine any pattern to his breakouts so I think the best thing is to just get him tested. I’ll have to call the doctor next week and find out about getting a referral. In the meantime we’ve stopped the rice again.

The good news is every day he does a little better with baby food. He’s definitely hungry because he’s eating about 36-40 ounces of formula each day plus was still getting up once during the night and eating a full bottle (note the word “was”). The problem is he thinks he’s a big boy and wants to eat our food. If we pretend to give him a spoonful of our food he’ll open his mouth wide open. But for baby food he won’t budge. At least he wouldn’t until a few days ago. Now for some reason he’s starting to eat baby food better. As you can see in the picture below he loves carrots. We had them tonight and he ate the whole container.

And since he’s started eating more the past few days he’s also slept through the night! Woo hoo! I know I’m probably jynxing myself but that’s ok I’m so excited I got a full nights sleep two nights in a row. Wednesday night he slept from 9:30 pm – 6:00 am and last night from 9:00 pm – 5:00 am. We’ll see what tonight brings!

(Notice the 90th percentile head!)
belle and pip

Little Pip is still the best little baby. He’s so content and happy. Unless he’s tired or hungry of course, then he makes sure you know about it! He loves to sit and watch Angel – it’s just the cutest thing – he watches every thing she does. He is sitting up really well now – he’ll fall over every once in awhile but for the most part he can sit on his own for a long time. He loves it too, he doesn’t want to lay down much anymore. He wants to sit and grab toys and whatever else he can get his hands on. He’s the silliest baby too and laughs so much – most of the time at things that really aren’t that funny to us serious adults!

Yes that is a light purple bib – Pip is man enough to handle it. Mmmm, carrots!
pip eating 1

belle and pip 2

A few weeks ago his two bottom teeth came in. He was pretty crabby those few weeks but now that they’ve broke through he’s back to his happy self. A few weeks ago I also took matters into my own hands and cut his hair. As I type that I realize I didn’t get a picture. He had this bunch of hair right in the front that was SO long and it would get in his eyes. So I cut that to be the same length as the rest and now he looks like he has a buzz. It’s so cute.

Caleb still doesn’t like to be on his tummy – he’ll roll right over. Every once in awhile he’ll hang out there for awhile and he’s started scooting a little. He so badly wants to get his hands on anything he can see so I’m thinking he’ll figure out how to scoot better and crawl pretty quick. He also loves to take a bath. He gets so excited as soon as we start running water. Unfortunately he doesn’t get to hang out in the tub as long as Belle because everything I’ve read has said to keep baths short because of his eczema. So then he throws a fit when I take him out.

Speaking of fits – he started throwing them a few weeks ago. If we take something away from him that he wants he is not a happy camper. I feel bad because we just laugh at him – it’s just so funny to see him and his little temper. I know – I won’t think it’s so funny when I have two toddlers throwing tantrums!

It’s so interesting to see how babies are so different. For example today I was talking with a friend and we were talking about how Pip doesn’t really put everything in his mouth like Angel did. (The doctor mentioned this too and said his oral something or other just isn’t as pronounced as most babies). One thing he does do is pound. He’ll get something in his hands and immediately start pounding on the floor or his legs or whatever. My friend and I were also remembering how Angel used to pound her feet. She would kick them on the floor hard – all the time – we were afraid she was going to hurt herself. Anyway I love to see how they are so alike in some ways and so different in other ways. God’s Word is true – He has created each one of us uniquely and wonderfully!

Here’s Pip just 1 day old…

3 months…

And 7 months…
pip eating 1

Well that’s about all I can think of for now. Overall he has been so healthy and we are very thankful for that. He’s such a joy and we thank Jesus each and every day for our miracle baby Pip!



2 thoughts on “Little Pip – 7 months old and 6 month doctor visit

    Jenny said:
    July 18, 2009 at 5:53 am

    He’s such a sweetie! I have a big-headed one too – you know it’s just because they have big brains. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. In my case, it’s the Ethiopian head. Poor Pip, sounds like he might be allergic to rice. 😦 Can he do other cereals, like oatmeal or barley? Another food idea – does he have a decent pincher grasp yet? He could pick up little bitty pieces of soft food, like cooked veggies or pasta. Or maybe one of those mesh feeder thingies…Hope you find some answers soon!

      Missy said:
      July 18, 2009 at 8:15 pm

      Hey friend thanks for the ideas. I never thought of barley. And we discovered today he does have a good pincher grasp so I think I might try some “real” foods. I’m so so afraid he’s too little and he’ll choke – but I’m still even anal about that with Belle. Thanks for your encouragement – and YA for big headed boys! 🙂

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